Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Finishing out the holidays

Judi arrived at the Tampa airport just as Jesse and Erin left.    We  stayed at the same pink house on Longboat and did many of the same things.   Second Cup and Happy Hour in the lanai, beach time, dinners out, floating in the pool, laughing.    Here are some pictures....

a little pre-New Year's Eve Champagne Happy Hour

bird watching on our nearby beach

a gaggle of busy Ibis

one of the wild peacocks in Longboat Village

we made Guava/goat cheese pastry for second cup one morning

dinner at one of our favorites - Rick's Bistro

Lew took full advantage of Judi's feet

don't ask.......

a toast at Harry's
We left the Pink House on Sunday and moved back into Beluga.   There was some discussion about whether Judi, Lewis and I would fit into the Jeep once Dave packed all our "stuff" in it.   It was touch and go for awhile, but Dave managed to jam us all in for the short ride home.    Thanks Dave.   We must have looked a little like a clown car when we all spilled out at the campground!

Dry Dock dinner....lobster tacos!

pretty aquarium at the Sarasota airport
After a bit of juggling and re-booking her airline reservations, Judi was able to head home yesterday.   We'll miss her and our good laughter.  My cheeks still hurt!

bye bye friend....we'll miss you!

dreamy eyes
Lew is exhausted after taking care of so much beloved company
 Dave and I were planning on leaving here (Sarasota) this morning but, after looking at the coming weather patterns, we decided to stay put a few days to avoid the worst of the storms.       We had to move sites in order to stay, but it gives us a few days of rest before hitting the road.

Two more good dinners out and a little beach time are welcome outcomes of our schedule change.

we enjoyed a delicious dinner accompanied by the sounds of Pelicans diving into the bay for theirs!


  1. Oh, wow...that last picture of the clouds looks like a painting! It’s gorgeous! Sorry about the storms, but glad you got a couple of days rest and more yummy food! Love the picture of Lew with his head on Dave’s lap.

  2. LOL - Dave's packing of your Jeep has it looking a bit like the Clampetts, just add a rocking chair on the roof!
    Great sunset photo! Safe Travels as you move on.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time with Judi. Lots of great meals out makes everything better. The Guava/goat cheese pastry looks so good...yum! Haha!! Your packed Jeep is a puzzle that Dave solved. Way to go, Dave! I am sure Lew needed a lot of rest after his two weeks of keeping all the company in check. Love how he his resting on Judi's feet. Enjoy your extra couple days in beautiful Long Boat Key.

  4. Dave is the consummate packer! Beautiful! Cindy

  5. That looks like such a fun week with Judi! The food, the birds, the sunset, the photos of the merrymakers (including Lew, of course). And that pool photo...😂😂 The clown car is so perfectly packed! Can we hire Dave for a consult??

  6. Smart move to stay put rather than take on any of these incoming storms. Looks like it's gonna be rough. Glad you guys had a fun week! That house rental sure looked like the perfect spot to relax in for a spell!

  7. The best friends ever are the ones that make your cheeks hurt! Your photos make me jealous of your warm weather, good food and friends!