Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Still moving west, finally through Texas

We decided to stay one extra day in Kerrville.  The weather was nice and we wanted to check out the area a bit before getting back on the road. 

Beluga's Kerrville view

We headed out on a short scenic loop drive which turned out to be anything but short.   Poor Dave.  We enjoyed ourselves very much, but we ended up driving about 90 miles in total. 

We kept mostly to quiet country roads, driving alongside the unbelievably clear, green Guadalupe River for much of the afternoon.

tree bark art

Up and down the rocky hills, passing large tracts of ranch land enclosed with high wire fences and large, fancy gates, over the river, and through dozens of small towns of golden stone homes and buildings.

many homes are built of this native stone

Most of the large ranches were game "preserves", or more correctly, hunting lodges offering ibex, water buffalo, sitka, catalina goat, hogs, sable antelope, aoudad, etc., etc., for one's sporting pleasure.

The next day we broke camp and, once again, headed west.

We worried that we'd run into more wet weather but the sky never fell even though the wind picked up smartly.

Last night we stayed just outside of Fort Stockton Texas.

The campground was quite pleasant, neat and clean, although not a blade of grass to be seen.

Dave and Lewis met beautiful, platinum blond "working girl" on their  predawn constitutional this morning.     She had quite a voice, as did her companions.

can you see her?

After her shift was over and the sun came up she wandered over for visit.     She apologized for her aggressive behavior earlier and flipped on her back for a conciliatory belly rub.     I came out to meet her, as I had heard her furious barking when Dave and Lewis unwittingly approached her charges.   This gal takes her job very seriously.      She gently accepted my offering of biscuits and then strolled back to her girls as they began to graze away down the slope.

the working girl, a beautiful
Great Pyrenees

 Tonight we're in Las Cruces, New Mexico and tomorrow we'll make it to Tucson, our destination for the next couple weeks.


  1. Love your view in Kerrville! That river is so crystal clear. What a hoot the boot topped fence posts are. But those sporting ranches are so sad. What a beauty Lew's new friend is. Safe travels tomorrow!! So excited!!

  2. Oh, I know you're happy to be almost in Tucson! You guys have made good time across the big ass state of Texas. It usually takes us a month, LOL. That campground in Ft. Stockton must be something in a windstorm. 😳

  3. We spent many a day driving those country roads around Kerrville. There are several great state parks in the area and we made it a point to visit all of them. Wahoo...Tucson here you come! Sure wish we were there...enjoy!

  4. I recognized a few of those sights! Texas seems to take forever to cross. I'm always glad when we make it to Las Cruces.

  5. Love that beautiful river! Our first stay in Holbrook was at a flat dirt park. We liked it but like Laurel said, not so great in the wind! Those Pyrenees are amazing, and your neighbor girl looks like such a sweetie (when not working). Nice of her to come over and make peace :-))) Sure glad you've arrived safely.

  6. Awwww but what a drive huh? That is the most barren campground I think I've ever seen.