Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tucson, this time

We're well into our two week stay here at the Tucson KOA.  Our site is right next to Pam and John but they weren't home when we arrived last Thursday.   Lewis immediately recognized their motorhome, however, and when we took him out to "get busy" he pulled me over and tried to get in their door.

guys, guys, this is Gramma Pamma's house!   guys, guys, let me inside!

Since we've been here many times before, we're not really doing anything exciting.   Just enjoying the beautiful, perfect really, weather and good friend's company.    Here are a few shots of our very busy times.

Happy Hour and Second Cup in front of the Grapefruit tree

Dave and John discuss politics

view from one window

view from another window

Tiny's - best burger in Arizona!

Today we all decided to drive Reddington Pass Road from beginning to end.   We had done parts of this road before, the first time in 2017 when we followed Jodee and Bill as far as Race Track Tank.

waterside lunch with the Gravels in 2017

 Dave drove and we enjoyed a nice day negotiating a rutted and rocky dirt road up and down numerous switchbacks, over shallow water crossings and eating lunch on a log in the sun, beside a small stream.

part of an old foundation near our lunch spot today

pink juniper berries

weird red fruit "ears" on tiny a cactus

Toward the northern end of Reddington Road we drove through vast "forests" of giant, multi-armed Saguaro.    Last year we saw a troop of several Coatimundi crossing the road in front of us near here.

we wondered who built this large nest

It is an unspoken rule on these excursions that the driver must stop, immediately and without complaint, whenever one of us spots something needing further investigation.

One of us often exits the Jeep in such a hurry she forgets to close the door behind her.    This trip we found several (3 or 4) crested Saguaros that needed close inspection and photographing. 

satisfied, she returns to the Jeep

Tomorrow we have lots of errands to do, and perhaps a yummy lunch at Vivace and Friday we're driving to Tombstone to visit with Jodee and Bill in their new home!


  1. Sounds like your stay is off to a grand start! We have only done a portion of Reddington Pass...LOVE all the Crested saguaros and I know Pam was excited! I’m sure between the two of you, Dave was stopping a lot! We have never eaten at Tiny’s...and we love a good it’s on the list!

  2. Citrus trees out your window, sitting outside barefoot in the sunshine, perfect weather, excellent friends, relaxing, and exploring your big cacti-studded desert sounds GRAND!!! :-)

  3. Coatimundis are such comical creatures...

  4. The crested cactus look awesome. Certainly worth a stop!

  5. Nice drive down Reddington. It's interesting that there are crested cactus down there.

  6. I'm glad to hear Lewis and Pam are back together again! I am sure they are both very, very happy to see one another and catch up on their snuggles. I would pay good money to have those fruit trees follow us everywhere. Loved that park for that reason! Enjoy!

  7. It was a fantastic day and Dave was very patient with us. Our heads were certainly spinning. I just love that photo of Lew at our door. How sweet that after ten months he remembered the MH!

  8. What a super cool drive! If I ever get down that way I MUST put it on my list. The drive rule holds for us too - but usually the camera woman is driving so the passengers just need to suck it up!

  9. Oh so the lemons have finally ripened, and ready for the picking. Lew is such an intelligent dog!
    Pam must have been in heaven having spotted all those beauties in the wild. My driver picked up only the smelling of flowers not the stopping when something requires photographing or investigation as your driver does :)