Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Another lucky stop

 Tonight we're in a small RV park in Caldwell, Idaho (actually Sand Hollow but who's checking).    This is the second,  last minute reservation I've had to make in the last two days and it is, once again, wonderful!

OF by 5

Originally I had planned two quick overnight stops at two different Elks Lodges along our route.   They're usually available and inexpensive but mostly offer only 30 amp. service.   Because of the extreme heat situation in the west, we decided that these Elks Lodges wouldn't work for us.  We need both air conditioners running, non stop, to stay comfortable in this weather and 30 amp. service is marginal for those needs.   I looked for a 50 amp site but everyone place I called was completely full. 

Last night we lucked out getting the very last spot in sweet Heyburn Riverside RV Park (because of a last minute cancellation)  and tonight the kind owner of Country Corner's RV and Campground took pity on us and provided an "overflow" site since they were also completely booked.

I'll take this overflow site any day!  We're parked under tall trees with thick emerald green grass and flowers everywhere.    The regular sites look a little close to me but this spot, this "overflow" site is perfect.  We're hooked up to the 50 amp service and water  of one of their groundspeople's unit so we have all we need!   We're told he doesn't mind and is very hospitable to travelers.

Lewis is over the moon with all  the soft grass to walk on (and roll on) and trees to pee on.   He can't make up his mind which one to water so he dutifully takes care of them all!

pretty nice view from my chair!

   Today's drive from Heyburn was uneventful.    We crossed the Snake River a few times and were buzzed by crop dusters taking care of the huge potato fields in one area.

The sky is looking pretty dark right now.   I think a storm is coming this way but we're tucked in for the night.   Tomorrow we move on to a multiple day stay in La Grande, Oregon.



  1. Yea for Lewis! And for you and Dave!

  2. Despite all the planning and research, sometimes serendipity is best. A lovely spot in the shade and AC.

    1. hard won serendipity at least! I spent the entire evening (the night before) trying to find these little gems. The surprise was that they were wonderful and available at the last minute. Ah well, small pleasures.

  3. Sounds like the RV gods are traveling with you. So glad you were able to find nice spots with 50 amp. Park City is always a fun place to visit and the home of my Polygamy Porter beer. I can only imagine all the topics that needed catching up with your friends after so many years. Your new overnight is so green. Glad Lew got to enjoy the soft grass and lots of trees.

  4. I forgot about Polygamy Porter! Dave and Jack talked and talked, old times together in business.