Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Moving on north

 We're now in the small town of Heyburn (or is it Burley?) Idaho for just one overnight.   Heyburn Riverside RV Park is a small city owned rv park that is just delightful, just what we needed after the busy, busy KOA in Salt Lake City.   It backs up to a green municipal park along the banks of the full Snake River and this little campground is green and well spaced with a very friendly camp host.  The reservation process is a bit odd - first going through the camphost (who knows what is what) and then paying on-line on a city owned and run website.   After all is paid and confirmed, one has to either text or email the camp host to confirm payment.....odd, but doable.    

Back to Salt Lake City......we left Cedar City and took I-15 north on Saturday.    We ran through some interesting weather and through a significant, but short, rain/wind storm near Mona, Utah.

The ominous looking storm didn't turn out to be much, and it really just made Beluga and Rocky dirty.

We made our stop in Salt Lake City to visit with old friends Jack and Marilyn.     They live in a beautiful little jewel box of a house on a leafy green street.

Sunday afternoon we went to the house and had lunch.   We haven't seen each other for a few years and had lots to talk about.   Dave and Jack have quite a business history together and, with the past year's Covid isolation, we found ourselves talking and talking and talking about everything and nothing.   It was a wonderful afternoon, the time flew by.

Monday Dave and Jack played golf at 6:30 a.m. and after they showered and changed, the four of us headed up into the mountains for a walk around and meal in Park City.

he wanted me to sit next to him but......

We've all been there many times so none of us had an agenda.   We parked and walked and talked and enjoyed the beautiful high altitude day.

In and out of a few stores, feeling stunning alpaca jackets and scarves,  trying on leather hats, checking out art galleries, appreciating the flower boxes and pots and noticing the details of the carefully kept old buildings.

Jack and Dave talk while Marilyn and I check out Dolly's Bookstore

We enjoyed a lttle wine and a luscious lunch outside at Cafe Terigo on Main before deciding it was time to head back to SLC.   Actually after lunch, Jack and I waited in a long line outside a tiny shop called Cow something or other, for some yummy ice cream to top off our nice day.    It was a beautiful ride home and we left with promises to return soon.

Tomorrow we move on to the next stop (Caldwell, Idaho) on the way to our long awaited Spokane visit.


  1. We ran into that same convoluted reservation system a few years ago. Then even the camp host could not get it to work. She finally took our information and put the cash into an envelope. Either you're really good or they've improved the system, since you got it to work! :)
    Good for Dave getting some golf in. Park City is a beautiful place to explore

    1. I didn't have a lot of faith in the payment instructions so I sent a confirmation email to the host and also took a screen shot of the payment form and texted it to her. I think they both arrived but better safe than sorry, especially at the last minute! Alls well that ends well I guess.

  2. Oh what a pretty green spot on the river!! Sounds like a lovely visit with your friends. Beautiful tree-lined street. And how sweet to be able to meander down a city street and enjoy the shops and ice cream :-) Simple pleasures now more than ever. Love the pic of the corbels!

  3. Awww, that bear looked friendly! I would have liked a photo of you next to him. :-) Sounds like a wonderful visit with good friends in a very beautiful place. Park City is such a fun place to meander and eat good food! I recall an excellent whiskey tasting and lunch at High West Distillery several years ago. Their Campfire Whiskey is delicious!

  4. I did sit by that bear! Always enjoy walking in Park City. So happy Lewis has greem grass!

  5. too bad all that lovely green grass drinks up so much precious water....ah well, Lewis doesn't know that.