Friday, June 18, 2021

Just in time

Today was all about wandering.    We had a few errands to run but decided to drive up into the  cooler temps and  wander on some of the less traveled roads and tracks we'd seen the last few days first. 

We turned off State rt. 14 near the Woods Ranch Park.   I thought I remembered seeing a sign saying something about a reservoir so we made a hard right and off we went.     The road was deeply rutted dirt rising through steep slopes of beautiful birch/aspen.

I love the solitude of these forests where we can just stop in the middle of the "road" and get out to watch a bird, or check out a little wildflower.

The only watching eyes were the trees....

We passed a little dammed pond and spent a few minutes walking arount it, watching the small fish dart and jump.

The road became more rutted and the small rivulet of water running down it's center was becoming a little more vigorous as we climbed so we decided to enjoy what we had and turn around and head back to the city and take care of those errands.

Just in time!

As we picked our way carefully down the one lane road we came upon a couple side by sides trying to pull over far enough for us to pass.   We managed to do that without touching vehicles and waved our thanks.   A second later, around another curve in the road we met more of them coming our way.   We found a wide spot to turn out and wait for them to pass.   and pass, and pass.    There were probably 20 all together, they looked like they were a group or club, and if we hadn't decided to turn around when we did they would have been crawling up behind us all the way.    Up hill, on a single rutted dirt track all the way.....Ugh.    I'm so glad we decided to call it a day, just in time.

Neither of us was excited to grocery shop in 100 degree weather so when we saw another road turning up into the mountains we took it.   We couldn't resist finding out where a road called "right hand canyon road" would take us.   Up and up we went, again, this time on a paved road.

We stopped at a few overlooks and were amazed at how quickly we had gotten to 8500 ft.    The views went on and on.    We were high enough to see  the jagged ridge of mountains running up the center of the valley where we had driven through the Parowan Gap and explored the petroglyphs on Wednesday.

My height nerves were thrumming so I only took pictures from the Jeep's open window.   I felt too dizzy when I got out and walked near the edge.  


At one spot, and only one spot, beautiful light pink flowers were growing right on the very edge.  We passed them on the way up and then again as we descsended.    Dave was able to find a spot (safe enough for me to not become paralyzed) and I shot a quick picture or two out his window.   He's a gem.

Back in Cedar City we bought a few groceries and ended our day by driving around looking for the Empanada Bus.     We had seen the food truck in a parking lot yesterday and talked about getting some of our favorite treats for dinner the next day (today).   It wasn't there.   Grrrrr.      We finally found it on the Southern Utah University campus and happily took some back to Beluga.

They were good, but I think we've been spoiled by the one and only Rincon Argentino's (Boulder, Colorado) offerings.   They are to die for.      The Empanada Bus didn't quite live up to our high expectations.    We ate them all up, however.......

We're back on the road in the morning.   Our visit here was great, we'll be back!



  1. Any off road adventure makes for a complete day! Love the views. Cute flowers:)

  2. Ok, I'm like three or four posts behind -- you're going too fast! But Cedar Breaks was a lifesaver for us last summer when we needed to escape the heat of the Hurricane area but weren't ready to "big" travel just yet. I cracked up over your quest for the Empanada Bus! Glad you found it, sorry it wasn't quite as good as you were hoping.

  3. I agree, Cedar Breaks is just the right spot to visit, relaxed but plenty of see. I'll try to do less posts for you from now on...;)

  4. I really need to post more than every two weeks, I'm loving your dailies! Beautiful delicate flowers. The tree's eye - love it!!! I feel you on those "great view" roads - lovely to look out, but not down :-(

  5. If there's anything at all to say or show, I find it much easier to blog more often than waiting to compile lots of experiences. We'll see if I keep it up though! I am always aware of eyes watching me when we drive through groves of aspen and/or birch trees. Friendly eyes, but eyes nonetheless!