Friday, June 15, 2012

As we leave Los Lunas

We left our friend's home and hospitality this morning and I wanted to show you some pictures from our last day there.

Dave and Ann's beautiful home, right on the airpark runway
this is a side view of the house, and our view from Beluga
three Daves in the hangar beside Dave Hamann's plane
Ann has counted 5 different varieties of these tiny birds at her  various feeders

Beluga parked at the side of the hangar/garage

Indy (aka Independence day) was a stray puppy when she wandered into the Mid Valley Airpark's 4th of July picnic.   She is now a lovely, sweet 4 year old girl sharing her life with Ann and Dave.
Can Lewis come in and play?

No one knows what kind of dog she is, but I think she looks like an Anatolian shepard, don't you?

Dave singing over the phone to Steve and Charron - its a long story...

David and Ann Hamann

On the road again, heading to Santa Fe.  Beautiful mountains and clouds ahead

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