Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too Many Pictures for one post

We're enjoying Taos and our campground so much that we've decided to stay until Sunday morning.  Perhaps it will give the firefighters in Colorado time to bring some of the blazes under control before we continue north into Colorado Springs.

We had an easy morning, coffee outside in the sun and spent some quality time with the dogs.  It is Lewis' 3rd birthday today and we wanted to give him a little extra TLC today.  He was under the weather yesterday, but I'm happy to say he's  back to his bouncy self.  I'm not so sure Sasha is as happy as we are....

He thinks no one notices him in the shadows
His eye is on his victim
watch out Sasha marie!

Sasha happily defends herself and Dave hangs on to the table to keep it upright in the tussle

There are many things we want to see here in Taos, so we started our afternoon with a new mexican lunch at a small local restaurant.  It was delicious.  We wanted to try and find the headquarters of Earthships, just over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge a few miles.  We had driven along the Rio Grande river at the bottom of the gorge on our way into Taos yesterday, but we wanted to drive over this famous bridge.   Be careful of what you wish for I always say....The span was under construction and just as we got to the very middle,  the highest point, they stopped us to move some heavy equipment around.  Any one who knows me, knows I have serious problems with heights.  Sitting in the middle of a bridge 650 feet over a river with strong wind gusts buffeting us just about did me in!!!  I rose to the occasion, however, and managed to lower my window and take a few shaky pictures.  Dave suggested I get out and go to the railing to get a better shot, funny guy.

Pictures are taking a long time to load tonight, so I'll post the pictures we took at the demonstration Earthship
location tomorrow.  It was a very interesting and thought provoking tour and we enjoyed seeing the creative and artistic designs as much as we were facinated by the systems used to enable these homes to be completely "off the grid".  I'm sure this technology isn't anything new, especially to you Jess, but we were very interested to see how many of these homes are in existence.

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  1. That funny Dave! I don't like heights either, Sue! Glad you survived the wind, the heights and being stopped!