Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not much happening today

 Lewis, it turns out, didn't really get better after his Monday digestive problems.  He rallied for his birthday, but when we woke up yesterday morning he had "painted" the living room rug with p and p.   We hung around the campground to make sure he was ok, started him on meds. and boiled hamburger/rice meals.  All was OK today, he seems fine.  

Dave is good at using his hands an feet to keep the dogs happy....See all the towels on the floor?  We've decided that they're easier to wash than the rug while Lewis is having digestive issues....

After a slow morning, (I know, another boring morning, but we enjoy sitting outside with our coffee/tea and watching the birds flit around in the trees) we went into the Plaza and made a few small purchases.  The Plaza is a 200 year old open air shopping area in "downtown" Taos.  I use the term downtown loosely, this is a small place that has no bldgs. over one story and no real center.   Just absolutely flat grassy plains ending abruptly in beautiful mountains.   As we were walking around window shopping, it started to rain.  Everyone was so excited, but it only provided enough precipitation to make circles in the dust on our cars.   

Actually, we did a lot of work at the picnic table this morning.  Along with our tea/coffee, we had the entire surface of the table covered with maps, trying to decide which way to go on Sunday.  Do we take small mountain roads out of Taos, go a long way around to catch I-25 and move north into Colorado and the fires, do we cut cross lots on very small roads towards the 4 corners area and through Navajo reservation land into southern  Utah?  I'm not sure we really came to a decision, lots of possibilities, none clear at this point.  Tomorrow's another day, and its only Friday! 

We had a spicy good take out dinner tonight from Guadalajara Grill across the street.  Mojo Ajo Shrimp for Dave and Shrimp Matzalan for me.  Sopapillas with honey for dessert.   

Beluga snuggled in our site, windshield curtain pulled half closed against the  bright sun.

See Dave sitting on the patio in our "yard".  He's doing a bit of Alcoa  business on his phone.  Nice office eh?
Tomorrow we're planning on bathing both dogs and clipping Lewis for the 2nd time on this trip.  Wish us good luck!


  1. Hope Lewis is doing well this morning. Loved the picture of Dave with the dogs, hands and feet engaged AND doing some computer stuff! Now, that's good time management and excellent multi-tasking. Stay cool. We're in a little heat wave here too ....93 today. Just got back from Walter driving Tinker....nice cool breeze coming around at the moment; takes the sting out of the heat for now.

  2. Poor lewis, he must feel rather down. But with such loving parents he will get better. I always have rice and beef on hand just in case. Speaking of heat waves, will be close to or hit 100 here for today and Sat and Sun. Mary

    I use the anonymous because it is all my computer lets me do Mary