Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Saturday Farmer's Market called us this morning.  It was huge compared with Tuesday's, and we found ourselves in the midst of a Rainbow Parade to boot.  What a great morning it was.  A riot of colors...

What would I do without Dave to carry all my stuff!

We couldn't resist these beautiful flowers

Who ate all the Chocolate Toffee Crunch donuts?   I only ate one, Cindy....It was really good

The start of the parade.  

check out the cool shoes and the pup's harness!  Color everywhere..

Even the cowboys got into the spirit

We came back to Beluga for lunch, after the market and the parade.  Jesse called and we had a great conversation.  He seems to be really enjoying his summer job and the Seattle scene, except for the weather.  It sounds awful, rain in the 50's.  I feel guilty being here in the land of the sun, well, almost guilty.  Tee Hee

After lunch we headed back out to do some errands and checkout the homes in our area, which is south of Santa Fe proper.  Some interesting single story Adobe houses surrounded by low walls, spectacular mountain views, and acres between them.  Nice.

Another good day comes to an end.  Tomorrow we'll stay around Beluga and get some housekeeping done before we pack up and head up to Taos NM for a few days.


  1. Chocolate toffee crunch?? I'll never be able to compete with that and lure you back to NY. Such restraint ...only one??
    Cute dachshund!

    Good horse show today. Will send some pix tomorrow.

  2. I love your pictures. You have an eye for photos.

    Yes, you should feel guilty for all the wonderful weather you are having and our 50-60 degree rain.:-)

    I am inlove with the Radically Sustainable Green Buildings. I even looked it up on the internet to learn more. Such a fabulous idea. I love it!(Cara)

    Hi Dave!!!