Sunday, June 24, 2012


Boring Couple Alert!  We stayed close to home today, tried to catch up on some personal and domestic housekeeping.  Since we're on the road again tomorrrow we really needed to get a big laundry done (sheets, towels, etc.) bills paid, mail tended to, and  some personal hygiene taken care of.  The dogs needed to be groomed (they're big dust balls by now) Beluga needed to be vacuumed and we needed or organize our poor jeep!  We've been throwing things in it (coolers, hiking boots, chairs, towels, water jugs, maps, etc.) since we got here and it really needed a little TLC.   Dave spent most of the day on the floor, manuals and Ipad in his lap,  trying to straighten out the sirius radio.  It keeps defaulting to a "standby" mode and no music.  He finally gave up in total frustration and when we turned it on again later - bingo, it worked.....poltergeists or gremlins?  I think we'll leave well enough alone.

 Too tired to cook dinner so we ordered take out from our favorute local  restaurant, Harry's Roadhouse.  I don't know what we'll do without them when we leave.   Everything is fresh and made from scratch - I had apricot/cherry crisp for dessert tonight, with real whipped cream.  What could be better?

Taos, NM is our next stop tomorrow.  It shouldn't be a long drive, but we're traveling along the wild part of the Rio Grande river so I'm looking forward to it.  We'll stay up there for a couple days, then continue north into Colorado.

I've just seen a bulletin on TV informing us of another fire in the bosque, this time north of Santa Fe, so we'll have to check the conditions before we leave in the morning.  Such is the west during a drought.  This is the beginning of the monsoon season, so everyone here is praying (and dancing) for rain!

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