Friday, June 15, 2012

The zoo

Albuquerque has a great zoo.  Actually is part of a "BioPark" triptik of natural museums.  Ann and I spent the morning at the Rio Grande Zoo and didn't even get to see the whole thing.  Next time I'd like to try and take in the Aquarium and then the Gardens to make my visit complete.  It was an extremely hot day and as you might imagine, many of the animals were laying low in the shade, but a few of them (ones with water features) were really enjoying their habitats...



Its so hot...

Do you have to lay so close?

let me sleep, don't look at me

maybe if I let my legs hang down I can catch a breeze

cool water

Some animals didn't seem to mind the heat, they just kept taking care of business...

This guy was intent on making a good impression on the lady  sitting in the shade
He turned this way and than, he drummed his wings, he stamped his feet.  No luck, she just signed and walked away.

enjoying beautiful alfalfa in the shade
This gal was warning her brother to stay away from the pool
Ahhhhh....the water all to myself

who knows what he was thinking.....

Like mother, 

like son

Love in the pool

I saw so many beautiful patterns in nature at the zoo.


  1. Some of your best, best pictures are those "pattern" ones from the zoo. Very nice!

  2. Love the patterns-amazing:-) When you actually look at nature outside of the "given name of object" things are quite fascinating-Cara