Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Pictures will not, I repeat, will not load tonight.  I have such wonderful shots of my zoo trip today and I can't get the device to transfer the pictures to the laptop for publication.  Its real hot and I'm real cranky.

Ann and I had a wonderful day at the Rio Grande Zoo, one of the nicest zoos I've been to.  Lots of the animals were in the shade, on their backs relaxing on this very very hot day, but the Tigers and the Polar Bears (different habitats) were enjoying their water play and I think I have great pictures of them. I don't know yet, but I'll try again in the morning.  While we toured the zoo and lunched, Dave and David played golf, good game I gather from Dave's description.

After the zoo, the four of us had our cocktails in the shade of Beluga's awning and then moved to Ann and Dave's porch for pizza and salad.  Lewis and his new best friend Indy raced and rolled around in the huge fenced in back yard.  What fun they had.  She is about 4 years old and Lewis is almost 3, they have a lot in common.  They had a little growly bit in the beginning, but it soon turned into high speed play and now they look for each other when they are separated.  So nice for Lew, since Rose left he hasn't had anyone to really  rough house with.

Tomorrow is another day, sorry I can't attach pictures, but the laptop poltergeist is having his way with me tonight.

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