Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Santa Fe farmer's market morning

Breakfast pastries and coffee at the farmer's market today.  We missed Saturday's market, which is much larger, but enjoyed the more intimate atmosphere of Tuesday market.  We bought a bouquet of multicolored radishes, some tiny potatoes, english peas and fresh cherries.  Mmmm.

After the market we headed to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, a must see in this museum filled city.  After an enjoyable visit we strolled the surrounding neighborhoods, loving the warm air and blue skies.

Dave still smells every rose he passes

Not far from the Museum we were drawn to a beautiful Porcelain Gallery and when we went in we discovered it was owned by a good friend of a good friend of ours (Sandra!).  Her name is Heidi Loewen and she went to the Harley School with Sandra.  The "its a small world" vibe continued when we found out she graduated from Skidmore Collge, Jesse's alma mater, and that her dad worked for Bausch and Lomb and still lives in Rochester.  She is an internationally known porcelain artist specializing in wheel thrown porcelain vessels.  We had a ball talking with her and seeing her work.

the sun light on this piece was like a beacon....

We spent so much time talking that we never took any pictures of her wonderful creations, but you can see them on her website  

 The breakfast pastries were long gone by then, so we asked her for a local restaurant recommendation. We wanted a light lunch and she recommended a winner....Bumble Bee.

such a nice day we chose to sit outside

Cool white wine, shrimp taco and salad, just enough

A nice quiet lunch guest joined us

On our way back to the car, we passed the huge old cottonwood tree I showed you in yesterday's post.  We approached it from the other direction today, and look what was hiding in the trunk on this side.  There must be a story...


  1. Now, how are you going to find out about the "story" connected with that tree and all the little doodads??? You simply can't leave your readers in this kind of suspense ....after all, we still have to go to work every day and try to stay focused on that. Can't do that when we wonder about that tree???

  2. I am traveling with you and Dave and dogs. Our country has such beautiful places. You and Dave are so fortunate to be able to see so many of them and share with those of us that will see it only in your photos. School is finally out so I am able to write a note to you. Dave the beans are planted. Any recomendations for next years jars? Suzi, I know the dogs are enjoying your culinary visits and dinners as much as your and Dave are. See you in tomorrows up date. I love you both (all) Mary.

  3. I am so envious-it seems to be an amazing experience. It is wonderful that you are able to travel across the US and dabble in the small treats that America has to offer. I have always wanted to go to the Giorgio O’Keefe museum, in Sana Fe. Was that a Moth?? I mean, that is one HUGE moth if that was to scale next to your hand. WOW! I would also have to agree with Cindy. I would love to find out what the little doodads were and what the story is behind the tree and the little people…..I am excited to live vicariously though you both. Much love to you both  CARA

  4. Sandra Tripp6/20/12, 8:49 PM

    Sue and Dave/ I am so glad you had time to visit with Heidi! I loved her gallery and I think she is so creative. This was evident in high school and it is so good that she has been able to build a successful business from something that she loves. By the way, another connection is I have the most adorable pictures of Heidi's son and my daughter playing together when they were only three years old. Today, the two of them are seniors in college! Heidi and I both marvel at how time flies. Sandra