Monday, June 11, 2012

Palo Duro, part 2

We're out of the magical canyon now, back up where the real world is spinning, but here are some pictures of our last days...

view from Beluga's side  window

When I opened the curtains each morning, this is what I saw

view from the ramada in the morning

We designated Sunday as our hiking day.  There were so many wonderful trails to follow, to explore...

and then we noticed the thermometer.    So we saw what we could see from the comfort, air conditioned comfort, of our good old jeep.   Sad we couldn't hike around, but in this heat, we wouldn't last long.  We'll save those trails for another visit and be happy with what we were able to see..

 one of the trails we wanted to follow

see the people outside this huge cave?

Thursday evening we attended a play entitled "Texas" staged in natural amphitheater just behind our campground.  It is held 6 nights a week all summer and the cast are mostly students from West Texas A&M University.  We enjoyed a chuckwagon dinner ourdoors before the performance - brisket, sausage, potato salad, cole slaw and peach cobbler - excellent.  The setting was spectacular, the stage's backdrop is  a sheer wall of rock, and when it is lit from the performance it is breathtaking.  The play itself was good, sort of cast with "Up with People" types, the plot telling a story of the settling of the panhandle of Texas.  Horses, pyrotechnics, laser pictures on the rock walls, live music, etc.... Not Bad! (Actually, the pyrotechnics were so BIG and loud,  Lewis and Sasha would fly off the couch each evening at 9:30, when the really big ban would occur)   It began with a swell of music and a lone horse and rider carrying the Texas flag racing across the rim of the canyon 800 feet above us... (look carefully, JoAnn)

At first the canyon seemed rocky and stark, but taking a closer look I saw lots of  beautiful detail.

Oh, and I can't forget the turkey troupe strolling through the campground every morning and evening...

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  1. Good Morning, Sue and Dave! Great, great pictures ...and I'm loving this blog. But, I'm so glad that you're out of Texas. There's something about that state....a little too NRA-ish for my liking. Especially being in that beautiful but forlorn canyon and no Wifi!!! Missed my morning look at your trip.

    All's well here in NY ....hard rain now and expected to be with us a couple of days so no driving of the Dartmoor pony.

    You're taking great pictures ...loved that sinkhold. Beautiful.

    Happy driving! Hugs to my boy, Lewis and to dear Sasha!