Thursday, June 21, 2012

Santa Fe, day 7

Last night was windy.  Really windy.  Gusts clocked at 50 mph between 1 and 2 a.m.  We didn't sleep well once the gusts started, worried about window awnings and outside chairs and all  the worries that slink into the half asleep brain. All our windows were open to capture the lovely cool night air, but they allowed us to hear the neighbors things blowing around and to hear the distant thunder.   Dave got up in the middle of the night and brought in awnings and put away chairs, then couldn't really get back to sleep, so we were tired today.  No rain from the storms, but the cloud formations today were more beautiful than usual.

After lunch we drove into the old town and took a little trolley tour of the area to cover what we hadn't seen before.  It was pleasant and took us to some areas we overlooked.  


We visited a few churches, each very different.  this one had a simple quiet beauty

This  carved stone altar screen from the early 1700's was in the church above.  Quite a surprise for us.

In another chapel, the Loretto Chapel, we marveled at this staircase, with no visible support.  It is called the "Miracle Staircase".  I don't know about that, but it certainly was amazing!

A large red maple tree decorated with rosaries was at the entrance to the Loretta Chapel

As I mentioned before, this is a city where art is everywhere.  Not all is for sale, we were impressed by the variety of public art displayed for the enjoyment of all

Life's Journey

a fountain in park next to the Basilica of St. Francis of Assesi

I'm not sure which was more interesting, the sculpture or its shadow!

These two pictures are of an installation called Santa Fe Current.  They are huge granite fish swimming in a river of gravel....
The contrast between the stone figures and the cascading bits of fabric was interesting to me

this kinetic sculpture was one of many at the Farmer's Market
Again, the shadows were as interesting as the sculptures.

Tomorrow we're planning on taking an hour's drive north to see the ancient cliff dwellings at Bandolier National Monument.  I've heard that much has been damaged by a fairly recent fire, so I hope we can still hike the ruins.  If we can get our act together before noon that is!  This travel stuff is tiring.

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  1. Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for the pictures! Lovely way to start the day.