Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Santa Fe - art

This is an art town.  Public art, private art, galleries, Indian art - traditional and modern - its almost overwhelming.  The setting of the city is art in the purest sense.  Today we walked down Canyon Rd., lined with galleries.  The only reason we stopped our tour was the temperature.

most of the pieces outside of the galleries were bronze.  This  girl and her innertube were "floating" on the sidewalk outside one of the first shops we checked out.

All these pieces were moving slowly in the breeze

Great bronze crows, eh Robin?

Can't you just see Dave an I sitting on these cool stone "conversation" chairs on the dock...They were so comfortable.

Do you think this stone fountain came from Vince's quarry?

I wasn't comfortable taking pictures inside the galleries, so you are only seeing the bronze and stone sculptures in the gardens.  The painting and ceramics were so colorful and creative.

As we drove home, we were reminded, at every turn, that no matter how vibrant the art scene is and how sophisticated the  city is, Santa Fe is still very much a western town.

the Rodeo is in town

We drove in the back gate to the rodeo to take a picture of the livestock and were "confronted" by three large men who informed us that this was not allowed.  However, they did let me take a quick shot of one of the bulls that would star in this evenings performance.  Thanks guys.

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  1. Sue, you've got a great line-up of pictures there! (Personally, I'd like a little bronze dachshund ...would be so cute and could be a pretend friend for Lewis to play with!) Loved the switch from the art and calmness to the "rodeo's in town!" Very good! I think you've found your natural talent!