Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, still in Amarillo....

We're still in Amarillo.  One more night.  Beluga was in the shop most of the day, and was finally repaired and ready to go around 5 p.m. (Central time, of course)   We decided to stay here one more night rather than driving down into the canyon at the end of a long long day.  Fortunately, this campground had another site for us, so we put out the grill and cooked some comfort food - hotdogs and mac. salad - and settled down for the night.  Tomorrow is another day.

Beluga in the repair bay

Here are some pictures of the funky Big Texan restaurant, last night's dinner choice.  Actually, the dinner was excellent.  Steak, cowboy beans and beefsteak tomato/onion salad for Dave and I enjoyed a filet with sauteed mushrooms, loaded baked potato and salad.  When in Texas.....

Huge, roadside sign can be seen for miles, just as we remembered it

this is the free "limo" we took from the campground to the restaurant,  JoAnn, note the horns on the  hood...

As you see, their claim to fame is the free 72 oz. steak dinner IF you can eat the entire dinner (appetizer, salad, rolls and dessert along with that big old 72 oz. steak) in one hour.

look at the size of that piece of meat (Gross, Dave says)

This guy was one of two taking that challenge while we were there.  They sat at a raised table in the center of the cavernous dining room below a digital clock, counting down the hour.  Who would do such a thing?  Other "diners" would walk up to the table and stare at him, take pictures of him and otherwise root him on.

This is the view from our table, you guessed it, on the balcony at the last table, all alone.  Look at all the people, look at all the deer heads.....visual overload.

Free entertainment of the tackiest  kind.   Yep, this is Texas!

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  1. I don't even know how to respond to that kind of place! But, Dave was on to something with his comment about that guy eating that steak in one hour! Maybe next time you do this trip, let's avoid Texas. It's not for northerners!