Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beluga, the beauty salon

Before I write anything tonight, I want to send  best wishes and love to our special friend, TGB on his birthday.
Wish we were there to celebrate with you.

Is today THE day?
Yes, today was the day....the day to finally clip Lewis for the first time all on our own.  We'd been putting it off, but we knew we just needed to stop talking about it and making excuses why we couldn't do it..... and do it.

We set up the table (a left over Creative Playthings table from Papago days) outside in the shade and trimmed off the majority of his mop before it got so hot I almost passed out.  Don't feel sorry for me, though,  Dave was doing the work.  I held ears out of the way, lifted up feet, positioned poor Lew and most importantly, gave advice, but Dave did the actual clipping.

After the main body work was done, Lewis and I went into Beluga to make lunch an cool off a bit.  Dave decided that before he cleaned up the patio he'd give himself a trim too!

left over hair trimmings, can you guess who produced the blue pail full?

After lunch, we put poor Lewis up on the bed and went at him again, this time working on his face, legs and head.  He's such a trooper, but I guess he's been through this a few times before!.  He is such a wonderful, patient boy.  I don't know what we did to deserve him, but we're so glad he came to live with us.....

You can open your eyes now Lewis, you're all done!

After dinner we took a short drive around the resort.  It was getting late and we leave in the morning.  We wanted to see the "lake".

the docks at the edge of what was once the lake!  Now its just a sea of greenery.

We parked near the "marina" and when we got out to take a picture, we heard loud, unfamiliar screeching in the trees.  Walking around slowly, looking up, we saw that the trees were filled with raptors of some sort.  Were they looking for the lake too?  Did they just arrive from the north expecting fertile fishing grounds?

Robin, do you know what kind of hawks these are?

The end to another busy day.  We were sure today would be a lazy one, just right for reading and napping, boy were we wrong.  I'm sure we'll all be sleeping before our heads hit the pillows.


  1. Only rookies use mirrors...

  2. That Jesse ....he is toooo funny!!!

    Great job on Lewis ...he looks so much better.I was wondering how long the ragamuffin look would suit you both and I figured it wouldn't be too long. Now, there ...that wasn't too bad, was it?? I know how much work went into the wash, clip, cleanup! Nice work! And now he feels so much better too. Even Dave ...

    But really ...on your bed????? Can I tell Bobbi?? Or maybe she's catching these posts on the blog?