Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

First order of business - We want to thank our two Mikes, Uncle Norm, Justin Huegel and all other veterans, we talked about you and thought about you today.   Happy Memorial Day.

Second order of business - For the record, Dave did not use Lewis's clippers on his own hair.  He has a human  one all for himself.....

I wish I had my camera ready this morning as we left Orange Lake (Grand Lake RV Resort).   We drove out the long, tree lined road past a lovely green field.   I watched a young, bright chestnut colt on high alert - tail straight in the air, up on his toes, prancing and snorting.  What hideous monster was lurking in his pasture.....Oh, just a tractor carrying brush to the burn pile.   Ah youth.

Our destination tonight is the Georgia Veteran's Memorial State Park in Cordele, Georgia.  It is north east of Albany, Georgia, just off I-75.  A fellow camper in North Carolina told us about this place, its on a lake and includes a golf course, frisbie golf course,  model airplane field, museum and excursion train.  Since it was in the right direction for us, we decided to give it a try.

Some of you have asked where the dogs ride while we're going down the road....variations of the picture below.  Neither of them move far from us, ever.  We like it that way.

 We arrived around 2:30 this afternoon, after about a 4 hour trip.  It was a windy, but sunny drive and we were glad to get here without meeting any bad weather from Beryl.   It was 95 when we pulled in, and quite buggy, but  I think we left Florida just in time, doesn't sound good there.  We'll probably see stormy weather for the next day or two, but now that we're here, let it rain!

The sites at this State Park are reserveable, but selection is first come, first served.  There are 77 sites and we had a reservation for tonight, but this is a holiday weekend so we had to drive around the entire campground to find the ONE site that was empty and ready for us.  It turned out to be a nice one, but looking took quite awhile and we didn't get settled until 4:30 or so.  There will be many sites available tomorrow though, the place seems to empty out almost completely then.  We might see if there are any good ones on the lake, if so, we'll move there for the next two days.

Site # 54
view out the front of Beluga

Our plans from here on out are soft, weather (tornado) dependent.  Right now, the "plan" is to get to I-40 in Memphis, Tenn. and take it all the way through the panhandle of Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We have friends there we'd like to see and then north to Santa Fe and Taos.     How we get to Memphis is still in discussion.  It makes sense to "cut cross lots" as the crow flys, but will the roads be sufficient for a vehicle Beluga's size, towing our jeep?  I bought a Trucker's Atlas today in an effort to check out the suitability of some of the smaller roads so we'll be talking about these things in the coming days.   I'll try to keep you posted.

I (we) sure would like to hear from you all, to know what is happening in your lives while we're gone.

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  1. Suzi, you will have quite a "book". Great photos.
    Interesting times you guys are having, at your own pace. It must be cool to see whatever you want to.
    Grand kids school will be over June 6. That means we will be juggling kids more than now. They will not be in summer activities until after July 4.
    Kael "graduates from kindergarten and Maya finishes 4th grade. Next year she is going to the Arts Academy. Will see what transpires there. Both are involved in a track and field program several evenings, hopefully. It just started last week.
    As you head west and turn north, one scheduling item. We will be in Seattle visiting Alison July 12 - 15, The rest of the time, we will be in SLC.
    One other note, when you hit Sedona do not miss The Elote Cafe. Great restaurant.
    Will try to check in more often.