Monday, May 28, 2012


Weather Update - we saw clouds build, intermittent rain and sun but no bad weather from Miss Beryl.  I think we are just a tiny bit north of the path of the storm and our fingers are crossed for tonight and tomorrow.  I think we've dodged another bullet!

Just as I thought, the campground completely emptied out today.  We have this loop all to ourselves, and you know how I feel about being alone.

We took the dogs for a good walk around the deserted campground and then set off the explore the state park and then the surrounding areas.

There is a lovely resort/conference center/retreat here on the lake.  We enjoyed walking around the grounds and the lake and made reservations for dinner later tonight.

Here comes Beryl

building clouds over the resort at lake blackshear

We didn't go in to the Veteran's Museum, but did walk around the outdoor display area.  Various tanks, helicopters and planes were posed for view.

B-29 Super fortress standing mutely in the static display
the expression on its "face" tells me what it has seen

a more peaceful use for a propeller

These pictures are for your,  Uncle Mikey.  The huge RC field just behind the outdoor static displays.

We heard that Cordele was the watermelon capitol of the world, so we set off to see for ourselves.
For some reason, the pictures I took of the fields full of watermelons and people picking them will not load.   I've been trying for way too long, so you'll just have to take my word for it - Cordele is the watermelon capitol of the world.

We also drove past many beautiful groves of mature pecan trees.

Other than the evidence of these two agricultural products, this area looks very depressed, and seems to have been for a long time.

Main Street, Cordele, Georgia

Plains, Georgia is a very short ride from Cordele and I'm sure is much the same kind of place, yet it produced a President.  Only in America could such a dream come true for a young boy...

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  1. I hope you avoided Beryl last night ....trusting you are safe and sound in Beluga!

    We have thunderstorms expected today ...high was in the 90's yesterday and later this week the highs are in the 60's. Sounds like NY, eh? Maybe we'll have a lovely day of 70 for the horse show on Sunday.

    Geneseo was beautiful yesterday for Memorial Day ...flags everywhere along the Main Street. Quite lovely and billowy. Rain held off for the parade and memorial.