Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cooking in Georgia

Today started out to be a lazy day, but ended up just zooming by.  We slept until we woke up (how fun is that!) then followed our usual morning routine, dog walks, tea, breakfast, emails, etc.   Since we're pulling up stakes tomorrow morning I decided to do some cooking to fill the refrig. with a few decent meals for the coming road days.  We're usually tired by the end of a days drive and the anticipation of a good dinner is what we need to push through the last few hours.

We used the crockpot to cook the ingredients for chicken pot pie (puff pastry to finish it off), cut up and stored the fresh peaches and melon we bought at a roadside stand, prepped things for Ham Tetrazzini, and made enough chocolate cream tarts for the next few days.
Dave is fast becoming Sue's sous chef

Erin, notice the apron?  I wouldn't let him use my beautiful Christmas gift, so he was relegated to  the "man" apron.....

still life

After meals were prepared, cleaned up,  put away and I took care of a bit of annoying  internet bills issues,  we turned our attention to possible routes for the next few days.

The plan is to drive on I-75 north to Atlanta, then take I-20 west to Birmingham, Alabama.  We'll probably stay overnight in that vicinity and then head north on  78 towards Memphis, Tenn.  From there its I-40 all the way to Albuquerque.  Memphis is the first place we ever encountered a serious tornado warning and I remember how nervous we were, watching the black sky move toward us.  The memory is still fresh.
we use lots of books and internet sites to help us decide the best  path to follow and places to stop.

As always, we keep an eye to the sky (and radar) to try and stay as safe as we can while still moving in the right direction...
These dogs are so wonderful, they're ready to do whatever we need them to do.   Today it was just hanging out and not bugging us.  Good dogs.


  1. This trip is sounding like so much fun ...well, except for that annoying little bill-paying part. And you do such wonderful things is so little space it. Especially the kitchen stuff. I'd like to review your little easy-meals binder when you get home and don't need it anymore. It's a gem! Love you guys.

  2. Maybe I need to make Dave an apron too! I think you're right-the floral print on yours may not be his best look. Or maybe it would be? Jesse looks quite striking in blue. : ) I'm so impressed at everything you cook in that tiny little kitchen! I'm very intrigued to see it when Beluga comes our way. I love reading about all of your daily adventures! It's such a lovely part of my day. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

  3. Glad you caught up with me and now I'm all caught up with you! Paul has been asking about your adventures and now I can give him details and show him pictures!