Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday - best laid plans

Ho Hum, another beautiful sunny warm day.

I hustled around this morning, eating breakfast, feeding dogs, washing my hair and putting on makeup.  I sort of thought we may drive over to Joshua Tree National Park and it would definitely be an all day trip so I wanted to be ready early.

Our coffee conversation outside put those plans off til later this week.    It was way too nice to rush around, especially with another week and a half here, so we decided to just hang and soak and read.  (perhaps clip Lewis' face if we had time).

First I had to return the movies we'd rented this weekend and then a quick stop at the grocery store.  Well...another quick stop at the beauty supply store for  a few supplies for Mr. David's barber shop/beauty salon/dog grooming shop.  And, another stop at the dollar store to look for some cheap Christmas decorations.   I had a silver and gold tinsel wreath in my hand when a nice little Mexican woman touched my arm and tut tutted....."very boring and plain" she said.  She pointed at a gold wreath with red and green balls scattered all around - "much more festive" she told me, so the festive wreath is hanging in Beluga as we speak.   Can't argue with festive!

Dave vacuumed while I was gone, then Paul and Polly dropped by to invite Dave to golf tomorrow morning and both of us to a Mexican restaurant tomorow evening.     After Paul left, Dave talked on the phone to Tom Bergman and then Steve Voll while I chatted with JoAnn and it was almost 3:00 before we headed to the hot pools.  Don't cry for us...   We jiggled, and gabbed and otherwise passed a few hours before showering and heading back to Beluga for cocktail time.

Sunset tonight was beautiful and the moon was huge and full overhead later, the same one looking down at you.     Life is good.


  1. Festive, indeed! Always good to take the advice of the locals!

    How'd the barbershop stuff go today? Lewis looks all nice and clean-shaven now? Somehow, I think those hot spas are getting to take a lot of your time! Enjoy.

  2. Your life is so polar opposite of ours as we shoveled and plowed 10+ inches yesterday. As usual, we enjoy reading about your adventures!