Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday - This thing is a piece of junk

We had a nice chat with Lisa on Facetime today.  It was great to see her face when we finally connected.  We'd been playing phone tag for days!

After lunch we  made time to trim sweet Lewis' face. He's such a good boy, so patient with us.
 Almost didn't though,  Dave spent quite a bit time on the phone with Blue Cross/Blue Shield (the health care provider we had before the one we have now...) trying to find out why they haven't paid a bill for one of my Dr.'s appointments LAST FALL!!!   Its so frustrating dealing with these things.  Nothing got resolved, he has to start all over again tomorrow.

Then he put together our new Southern California Christmas Tree....

lots of instructions and wires and zip ties....

"this thing is a piece of junk" so says he...
So he took it all apart, wrapped it up and put it back in the car for a return tomorrow.  Ah well, we tried.
It would have been great, it twinkled and everything, but it really was a piece of junk.
Next,  Plan B.

We went out with Nina, Paul and Pia for Nina's birthday tonight.  Wonderful Mexican food and knockout margaritas.  Dave had two, he worked hard today.....

Judi, I'm sorry I didn't give you the name (El Mirasol) before we went so you could put in your order.   There were the normal mexican/american dishes, but we all had some of the house specialties.  I had Polo Mole and Dave ordered Shrimp Pipian.    Ooooh, so good.

the sky never colored tonight, but the clouds were very interesting over Mt. San Jacinto

Pia will head back to her home in the UK tomorrow and Nina and Paul et al will move "the Beast" to the desert near Borrego Springs.   We'll miss our new friends, but I'm sure we'll see them again this winter.  We exchanged phone numbers and Dave and Paul made some tentative plans to play golf together in Anza Borrego.   Nina said something about maybe making some authentic Danish glogg (I'm not spelling it correctly and I don't know how to put a strike mark through the "o", so pardon me, Nina) for the Christmas holidays.   They will be in San Diego (at a different rv resort) for a month or so while we're there, so we look forward to trying something new.

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  1. Good thing you returned that one didn't look like much a christmas tree. Can't wait to see what Plan B is all about? Aahh ...the joys of travel. have fun.