Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, Ahhh....

Its Sunday night and lots of people have pulled up stakes and left the park, Ahhhh.
 Our neighbors on both sides are gone so we're back to enjoying our nice quiet corner.  Lewis can breathe easily again.

Our Thanksgiving turkey is finally finished.  We've eaten turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc., for two nights, turkey bacon club sandwiches, turkey/ranch veggies with pasta, grilled southwest turkey sandwiches, and finally, Judi's quiche with turkey and veggies.  Don't feel sorry for us, we've loved all the incarnations and its been a great challenge to come up with a different turkey preparation every day!

Today we went to the Fantasy Springs Casino for a native American PowWow.  Its been going on all weekend so we were glad to finally get there.    I have to say it certainly didn't have the same emotional impact,  the spine tingling, goose bump producing gathering we stumbled into when we were in Washington, but this time my camera worked, so I guess it was a trade off.  I even managed to take a video of some of the dances and drum/singing competitions, but you'll have to wait til Christmas when Jesse can help me upload it to the blog.  I wasn't even sure if my camera had a video option, but I was thrilled when we got home and actually saw the dancing and heard the drums!

this outfit was made from soft deerskin with incredible beading

beautiful headdress waiting its turn (checkout the surly guy in the background...)

another headdress sitting on a chair before the competition

beautiful children caught up in the pageantry of the day

not everyone was covered with feathers and bells and beads...

an older man with an Apache headdress

getting a little help from mom

beads for sale 

one of the drummers, in the "zone" before getting started
We both enjoyed our afternoon at the PowWow and were very grateful to be included in the celebration.  It seemed more of a competition for prizes than the deeply emotional vibration we felt in Issaquah, but we were happy to be there nonetheless.

the beginning of our Christmas decorations!

good night, sleep tight friends

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  1. Beautiful, colored pictures ....lovely. Thanks for sending those along. And nice to know that your neighbors moved along ...

    Yes, we are hoping you are sleeping tight right now!