Thursday, January 8, 2015

First day home

In yesterday's post I forgot to mention how nice it was to come home to a nice warm house.    Frederick's of Geneseo Home Care Service's  president, the wonderful Fred, had come in and turned the heat up (and emptied the mousetraps) in anticipation of our return.       AND, he makes a pretty mean Tapioca pudding to boot!    What did we do to deserve this?    Thanks Fred!

Piles of laundry on the washer, full suitcases on the guest bed awaiting attention,  all had to wait.   We had lots to do today.   Dave was on the phone for hours nailing down details for the sale - surveys, abstracts, septic system cleaning, home inspection reports, furnace cleaning, appliance hunting, etc.       I won't go into the entire list, but believe it was a very busy day.

It wasn't as cold as yesterday, thats a very good thing.   Temperatures were only in the teens instead of single digits.   I'm trying to stay present, to enjoy the moment...

Look at the beautiful gifts Jack Frost left on my living room windows today!



  1. Jack Frost is a tremendous artist. Too bad he only works in the coldest areas:)

    Sounds like all is moving forward. Busy times ahead, for sure!

    How nice to arrive home to a warm house:)

  2. That in a million!
    Sounds like you hit the ground running. I think all the stars are
    Lining up now. This could all be a bit more fun if the temperatures
    Were about 20 degrees warmer.

  3. Sounds like the Mr. David's franchise has some competition :-) A warm house is such a wonderful reception. Oh the joys of "the sale" - timing services with inspections, and second-guessing what might make a difference and what is just a waste of time and money before the final walk-through - tiring but still exciting!! Lots of "last" moments in your immediate future, remember to breathe :-)

  4. Glad to see you are finally in the comfort of your warm home and safe. I like your attitude Sue of staying the present and enjoying the moment. Pretty soon all the t's will be crossed and a new day for Beluga awaits.

  5. Ahhh big sigh and lots of busy things now for your sale. I adore that last frosty photo! Post coming from me soon - just not a very exciting one! :)