Monday, January 26, 2015

this and that

Yep, its winter alright.   The thermometer never moved from 13 degrees today, it snowed lightly all afternoon, the roads were greasy and slick.    Only those of you from the east know what I mean by "greasy" roads in winter.....Not fun.     The driveway is covered in a thick coating of ice and then covered with a layer of fluffy snow.   Not fun.   I had to drag out a bag of kitty litter Saturday when niece Lisa and her husband Chris came by to pick up the big picnic table and take it home.   Kitty litter to sprinkle on the deck and stairs so no one slipped and broke something important.   Sigh.

We're hoping the new owners will allow us to keep Beluga in her barn until we leave in March.  I'd hate to start our trip by calling in a wrecker to pull us out of the driveway snowdrifts!

One good thing though....the latest terrific blizzard, the bombogenesis, roaring up the east coast is missing us by a hair.   A hair is good enough for me.    We're cold and slick, but not buried.   Thank goodness for small favors I say.

We've made good strides this weekend and have managed to be very social (for us) in the process.

a new vacuum for Dave....
is this Christmas?

Mr. David's # 1 guy installing our bathroom shades

good job on an odd little window
Mr. David's A-1 Shutter, Blind and Window Treatment Firm got all the cellular shades in and operating with a minimum of fuss and mess.   The closet poles and shelves are in place.

Friday night we went to Cindy P and Walter's house for happy hour and a delicious dinner of lentil/black bean chili (yes, Metamorphosis Lisa, its your recipe) and Trader Joe's addictive European cookies.  

 As I mentioned, Saturday niece Lisa and husband Chris came to the lake with pizza and blueberry cobbler in hand (not to mention a bottle of champagne and cookies!)   They were our first cottage dinner guests, even though we ate at a card table and sat on lawn chairs.

We did, however, toast with real glasses.   Dave thought they were too fancy to use with paper plates and paper towel napkins so he "adjusted" his slightly.    Oh Dave....

As punishment we made him scrub the floor.   

Sunday afternoon the Bells stopped by to bring us a load of boxes and to discuss the upcoming move.  They've put us in touch with their mover, Angel,  and are helping to coordinate things.   We had a lovely visit in our tiny but sunlit living room/dining room.

Today, after Dave's dentist appointment, we met friends Don and Carol at our favorite Greek restaurant then back to their lovely home for dessert.   They are preparing to leave on a four month motorhome vacation out west.   We can hardly wait to read about their upcoming adventures in Mexico.    They're traveling down the Baja peninsula, a trip we've often talked about doing. 

Before turning for home we stopped at the facility we've located to store my little car for the next year.    Its going to be snug and happy in very good company there.   Another thing to check off the list.

Tomorrow is another day closer to moving out, moving in and moving west.   Yes!


  1. Not missing those 13 temps, but glad to see you guys are making progress. The end is in sight! The new cottage is sweet. Are you happy with how it turned out?

  2. Before you know it March will be at your doorstep. In the meantime enjoy your new cottage for soon it will be lock up.
    Stay warm and toasty.
    I will never dream of 13 temps :)

  3. It certainly has been very cold up your way. I talked to my mother today and she said the river was all frozen over. Won't be long before the snowmobiles start crossing. Brrr!! As you said, one day closer to your move west!!!

    I love the vanity and that adorable window!! So clever! Mr. David did a nice job with the shade:)

    Glad you are having some fun mixed in with your packing:)

    Please be careful traveling and walking around out there. Good the blizzard is staying south!

  4. Your place is looking charming already! Such fun (and possibly stressful!) times. Life is indeed, GOOD! Happy to see your hand made it into one of the photos. ;-)

  5. Glad to see Mr David provides his workers with the right snow equipment so they can get to you in any weather - and they always do such a great job! Looks like you're getting things done nicely in spite of the nasty conditions. I modified a champagne flute at a wedding reception once....very embarrassed, but I didn't have to scrub the floor :-) Your finish line looms every closer!!

  6. Yes indeed, that recipe is a keeper!

    Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. Only a few more Eastern storms to suffer through and you are outta there!

  7. You guys are just movers and shakers right now. Glad the storm missed you for the most part and it looks like things are coming together!!! YAY!

  8. Happiness is .....moving out, moving in, moving west. Love it!