Sunday, January 4, 2015

weather change

So...yesterday I said we'd taken our first and last Gulf beach walk of 2015.    Good thing I was specific, because instead of driving north for hours on a crowded interstate, we took another walk along the beach.

here comes the weather....
but its nice and warm right now

This time it was a beach on the Atlantic Ocean, not the Gulf of Mexico.    Our plans to leave Fernandina Beach this morning changed abruptly when we turned the tv on and saw the slowly approaching squall line.  It was embedded with tornadoes and we are under a "watch"  here until 6 p.m. tonight.    That, and the fact that I-95 was directly in its path and would probably be jammed with everyone heading back north after their holidays,  made our decision very easy.     Stay here in our nice Residence Inn suite with a lovely greenway right next door,  guava pastries and plenty of good restaurants, wide beach in easy walking distance (dog friendly at that!) and Downton Abbey season opener on tv?    Yep, we made the right decision.  

Tomorrow we'll head north....

I gotta gets me one of these Marriott beds mom...


  1. Smart decision! Glad to see you are staying safely out of harms way:) Besides, who wants to travel with all those people heading home after vacation.

    Lewis definitely approves of having his own bed and he is going to use it all:) Poor Sasha is probably on the hard floor!

    Please careful on your drive:)

  2. Our dogs enjoy it when we have a hotel room with two beds--one for us, and one for them. Looking at the weather map, you better get your snuggies's going to be COLD! Good decision, especially for Downton Abbey! Have a safe and snug day.

  3. Well even without the storm you didn't really want to drive in vacation traffic anyway, and the "watch" was clearly a directive to walk another beach and enjoy another pastry. Don't they always mean that? That bed looks very fitting for Lewis' regal status. I'm sure you and John and Sasha have been comfortable on the pull out couch.......
    Safe travels home, whenever you get out of there :-))))

  4. Smart move! Wait it out in the relatively warm South...