Saturday, January 3, 2015


Yesterday we strolled along the Gulf for what was the first and last time in 2015.   Next year will find us in the west.    

look Pam, he's rock scrambling!

We chose the beach adjacent to the South Jetty in Venice.    It looks rocky, but just past the rocks the beach opens up for a nice sandy stretch.   It was a lovely day, I'll miss the beach and the clear green/blue waters here.    Don't feel too bad for me though, neither of us can wait to get back on the road again!

This morning we packed up the jeep and left Venice.     We'll take 4 days to get home, our first stop being Fernandina Beach for dinner at LeClos and breakfast pastries (guava, Paul!) at the Pecan Roll.   It sort of takes the sting out of heading back to the cold and gloom that is western New York in winter.


  1. Oh my, you are heading towards cold, dreary days in NY with more to come.
    Drive safe and keep warm.

  2. Those are some big rocks, Dave! And you are climbing bare foot...very brave:)

    Nice that you had sunshine for your last east coast beach day. I am sure leaving FL is hard, but you have some great plans in the near future:)

    They showed Buffalo on the web cam for CBS Morning today and there wasn't any snow!! I couldn't believe it. Maybe you will have a grass lawn instead of a snow field when you arrive home.

    Travel safely!!

  3. Safe travels! The adventure is just beginning. :-)

  4. The contrast of the soft clouds with the hard rocks is pretty spectacular! What a beautiful day to soak up some warm before heading back to pack up in the cold! Glad you're enjoying the now, and able to plan the "then" with confidence. Returning to the snowy north for the last time has to feel so great. I hope they've been able to keep working on the cabin, can't wait to see pics when it's done!!