Sunday, July 26, 2015

the Weekend

Only Sunday was exciting.   Friday we did a bit of reconnaissance for Beluga's front end alignment appointment on Monday (you know, can we tow the car or do I have to drive along behind, is there an easy place to unhook, do we really need to take the car, how long will the appointment be, and if it will take awhile, what is interesting to do/see in the area)  and had lunch out.   Saturday we ventured into the Golden Farmer's Market to pick up one of the yummy peach pies we bought last week.     We didn't get one, however, because the entire town was celebrating Buffalo Bill Days and the streets were closed off for the ensuing festivities.    Plan B included doing a bit of cleaning/straightening up around the "house" and giving Lewis a shave (face only this time).

Lewis gets mellow after his shave

Sunday was the final day of the Mile High Nationals (NHRA - drag races) at Bandemere Speedway, practically in our backyard.   Dave is an absolute nut about auto racing, drag racing in particular.     Jesse and Erin picked us up around 8:30 and we managed to snag a primo parking spot at the track before the rest of the 10,000 +/- folks arrived.

Bandemere Speedway
utilizes the hillside and has a number of different levels
this is a view down one set of seats

This was extra fun for us because it was Erin's first time at such an event.    Jesse has been with us at many different racing venues for most of his life so we all saw this through Erin's new eyes.    She was a good sport and was full of great questions as we walked through the pits (the garage area where the teams and drivers get their impossibly powerful entries tuned and ready to go) before the actual races.

tables of spare parts, just in case.
these are  cylinder heads with headers attached

dragsters staged and ready to pair off at the start line

It was really hot and sunny.   We (I) walked through the pits taking advantage of any bit of shade available.    There was a lovely breeze blowing up the bleachers and it felt really good when it found us.      The organizers of this event had open sided tents here and there that had misters working inside.    I chuckled as we walked by the first one, watching people crowd in and smile with relief at the gentle soaking.    We had a bit of very unhealthy (but tasty) food and as we walked back past the misting tent, we ducked in and got pleasantly damp before find our seats for the first round of racing.

I took no more pictures because I needed both hands to cover my ears as these screaming, thundering machines flew by us.   If you've never been to a big drag race you have no idea how the sound touches you.    It literally hits you in the chest and shakes you in your seat.    I wish I had my camera trained on Erin as the first pair roared past.    The shocked grin on her face was fantastic!

Dave, Jesse and Erin watched pair after pair race down the track until light rain and strong wind (the usual Denver area afternoon happening) chased them away about 2:30.     I cut my day short, however, I think the heat got me.     I'm told I don't drink enough water....    Jesse ran me home (I told you the track was close to Dakota Ridge) and I took a long nap in wonderful air conditioned Beluga.   Dave wasn't happy about me going home alone, but I assured him I'd be right as rain so he unhappily acquiesced.

At the end of the day Dave and Jesse grilled sausages and we ate them with Farmer's Market pierogis (from last week) blueberry crisp and a bottle of cold Sancerre.

  Great day!


  1. So very nice to be in the neighborhood with "the kids." Sounded delightful.

  2. I grew up going to drag races as a kid. Loved the smell of nitro methane and burn't rubber in the air. Too bad they don't hold the races when it is a little cooler, as it is hard to sit out in the sun all day. I like going to the Winternationals in Pomona, CA when the weather is sunny, but much cooler. Hope your ears are not still ringing!

  3. We drove by the speedway many times during our time in the area but there was never a race so we could see all the tractor trailers and RV's. We did get to see a motocross race in action from the road with all the TV trucks which was interesting. Glad you went home before you got to sick from the heat. Heat sickness isn't fun. Sounds like a fun day with Jesse and Erin:)

    Please tell Lewis he looks so handosme with the shave:)

  4. Too fun fun fun and yes, you probably don't drink enough - me either. I'm trying to be better about hauling along a water bottle when I go out on hot days - to remind myself. Still all had fun and I love that last shot!

  5. Oh my, that is one event that Steve also love. Too bad there were none happening when we were still there. I know what you mean with all that noise, really loud noise!