Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We try to dance around the weather, do outdoor things while the sky is blue.   We've sort of decided that it will rain somewhere, sometime every day.   The forecasters don't really predict where or when very well so we just assume that it will be nice for part of the day and not nice for part.    The trick is finding the sweet spot.

Yesterday was our day to drive up into the mountains to the little town of Breckenridge.  Traffic was light on I-70 this time.

Sky was clear and blue in Golden.   The further we drove, the more clouds we saw.     Tough, we just pushed on.   We don't like rain, but we don't melt.   If we waited for a day with no precipitation predicted we'd not move from site D-6.

pretty serious run away truck ramps along this route!

Dillon Reservoir

We got to Breckenridge a little after one and found a restaurant with an outdoor patio for lunch.   What a cute little place.   We thought we'd eat then stroll around the streets and along the river side.    We got a table in the sun and enjoyed our lunch of yummy shrimp.    I sat facing the mountains.   As we began our meal there wasn't a cloud in the sky.   Gradually, very slowly, clouds began to peek over the peak and by the end of our meal we had to run for cover.     No walking or strolling for us now.

my lunch view

The waiter told us to wait 20 minutes and it would be all over and the sun would come out, but we didn't believe him.   We got back in the car and decided to continue south on route 9 and make a long loop back through the mountains to connect with route 285 in Fairplay and eventually back into Golden.

We ran through heavy clouds, mist and in and out of high sunlit, flower filled meadows.   I was glad we decided to forgo the walk through Breckenridge, these vistas were just too spectacular.    We'll try again another day.

the mountains seem to make their own weather, create
their own clouds

Fairplay is located in South Park, one of Colorado's most beautiful designated heritage areas and is the Park County seat.    Another small, quirky, artsy mountain town.

County Courthouse


  1. Those runaway truck ramps are not a good sign for that downgrade :-( Looks like more wonderful small mountain towns, too bad the rain pushed off the stroll in the first one, but South Park is sure sweet. Wondered if they gave a nod to the tv show - cute :-) Love the mountains and flowers, beautiful pics!

  2. What fun photos and South Park looks very interesting. I'd be able to poke around there a bit! Glad you didn't melt and now that we are burning down here - glad to see what rain anyone gets. :)

  3. We really enjoyed our drive across 70 to Denver through this area...well, I enjoyed it:) Someone else was holding on:)

    That's the problem with the mountians, they make their own weather. Darn that rain!! But you got great photos:) Love that close up of the log cabin in South Park with the flowers and doll in the window!