Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday

You might expect this blog to be a long one, since it is titled "Wednesday and Thursday".....two days worth of things to tell you and show you.

You would be wrong.    I should have titled it "BCA".

We had an appointment for the Jeep on Wednesday morning, assuming it would be a few hour fix and we'd be ready to head up to Estes Park on Thursday, as planned.    We were wrong.

The air bag warning light and its alarm have been pestering us for a couple weeks. The power door locks have been behaving oddly and occasionally the radio would change stations against our orders.   Once we came back to the jeep after lunch in Boulder to find its rear hatch back open, exposing all our good "junk" to passersby.     Gremlins, poltergeists, computer glitches - we made an appointment to find out what was going on and yesterday was the day.  

Dave dropped it off at the jeep dealer and walked the mile or so back to Dakota Ridge.   We spent that day doing domestic chores, taking care of bills, reading and spending time with the dogs.

The weather cooperated and we had a sunny warm day with no rain!   We spent a fair bit of time outside, making hay while the sun shone...

he often pretends he doesn't know where
the ball is.....
Sasha snoozed and Lewis enjoyed a few enthusiastic games of ball.  

The jeep wasn't fixed by the end of the day yesterday so we found ourselves stuck here without wheels for another day.   We had planned on going up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, but it would have been a really long walk so we did the same things today that we did yesterday.    Read, play with the dogs, paper work, phone calls (we're dealing with an extremely annoying and long running insurance/trust issue) and a bit of cooking (which yielded a disappointing dinner).

A family with two adolescent girls moved in a few sites away.  Lewis didn't enjoy his outside time after they came.   He couldn't let them out of his sight, even his beloved ball held no interest when they were around.    Both girls had unicycles and rode them endlessly up and down our row.    Kids on bikes are scary enough, kids on unicycles evidently present even more danger to a black poodle.

Lew carries his worry in his tail.....
(I know - he needs grooming)

he carries his happiness in his tail also

I didn't take pictures of Sasha in her usual happy hour/cocktail hour pose because you've all seen her flat on her side, snoring.     I do, however, have one of her dozing by the table as we ate our ham and cheese sandwiches this afternoon.


We always share a bit of our meals with the dogs, after we've finished eating.
They don't beg at the table, they wait quietly until we're completely done and don't complain very much if we forget to share once in awhile.    Sometimes Sasha works so hard at being a good girl and not begging that she nods off and doesn't even notice the odd bit of cheese or slice of juicy ham offered.   Sometimes she doesn't notice for a long time......


Lewis, good boy that he is, never steals the tidbit intended for Sasha.   He waits til she wakes up and scarfs up the goodie before he comes near - just to make sure she hasn't left any crumbs on the carpet.  He is nothing if not neat.

See?   You should have heeded the Boring Couple Alert before reading tonight's blog.

p.s. we got the jeep back this afternoon around 6, all fixed (we hope....).     We've missed our Estes Park "window" for this week.   We learned our lesson not to attempt a drive into the mountains on a weekend.  


  1. An entire day without rain?!?!?!?!? Sounds like a miracle to me.

  2. Nice to have the dealership in walking distance, and even nicer to have such green grass for doggy play at your site. Tessa now treats grass like an old friend she's delighted to see after sooooo long! Poor Lewis and his phobias - although unicycles are pretty scary :-) I'm sure he's baffled by Sasha's ability to snore through the serious threats all around her. Great pics of the dogs - can never have too many of those :-))))))))

  3. Glad the Jeep is fixed - those electronic issues are a bugger! Indeed no driving to the mountains around there on a weekend when you can reschedule for during the week! Poor Lewis - I hope he adjusts better to the neighbors. No fun not being able to enjoy being outside.

  4. This was a wonderful post!! I had a great time reading and laughing at your narrative and looking at the photos of my furry friends. Good to see Lew had a few fun days before those darn kids and their unicycles arrived. I can just imagine how nervous he is. Glad nothing bothers Sasha:) Thanks for so many photos of my buddies:)

    It sounds like your Jeep was taken over by those guys they were showing on TV the other day. I sure hope it wasn't. I guess you have to have WiFi for them to take over your Jeep and John wasn't sure if your Jeep had WiFi. I'm glad that the dealer was close enough for Dave to walk. Sure hope all stays fixed. Coming back and seeing the trunk open must have really been scary.

    Hope you get you trip in to Estes Park and RMNP. We had a great day when we did that big loop. Watch for the moose on the west side:)

  5. I grinned when you said that your radio would change stations against your orders. I love the way you narrate your life's adventures.
    Finally sun and fun for everyone!