Friday, July 17, 2015


Thursday morning, after second cup, we drove into Golden looking for the brand of dog treat we use for "training".   My internet search told me that Golden Mill (a nice, very complete feed store next to Clear Creek in Golden) carried them.    Don't believe everything you read  - they did not have what we were looking for.    A wasted trip. was a beautiful day so we decided to walk through a nearby park and down to the creek.  It was filled with summer flowers and geese, lots of geese.   We picked our way, carefully, to the trail along the water.

Our mundane trip into town turned out to be a lovely and unexpected stroll along the racing creek, we even got to wade in and get our feet wet! gave us an ice cream headache after just a few seconds but it was so worth it.     We saw people (mostly young people) tubing down the fast moving creek, they must have been absolutely frozen!

As we approached the Washington Street bridge, really the Washington Street bridge underpass, the path was roped off because water had come up over the path.     Do we behave or do we step over those ropes and continue our walk?

these fish are actually on the sidewalk
but Tuesday they were
swimming in the creek!

There were interesting brass sculptures along the water, swimming fish, deer, and a sweet gold miner kissing his mule (I couldn't get a good picture, too many people around it).

The sky was darkening and the wind began to pick up so we turned around and retraced our steps.    Yes, we did walk in the water a bit more on the way back.

We made it back to Beluga before the rain arrived,  but its imminent arrival made for a dramatic sky through our windshield.

I just love these days...the ones where you plan on doing one thing and then end up somewhere completely different - and way more fun!  Plan A, plan B and serendipity!     This retirement stuff is pretty good.

Thursday evening Erin had an appointment for a wedding gown fitting and she invited me to join her, her mom and "aunties".  She looked so beautiful in her chosen dress, I'm glad I got to see her in it before she walks down the aisle.     When the deed was done we drove up to Boulder to meet Dave and Jesse for dinner at "Basta", the restaurant that is catering the wedding.    The bride was beautiful, the food was delicious, I can't wait for the big day!


  1. Stunning sky as that storm rolls in! And I'm sure a Stunning bride graced your presence! How sweet that she invited
    All of you along....not too long now before the Big wedding. Lovely!

  2. WOW! what an awesome capture from behind the windshield!

  3. Just like our Spearfish, SD creek...very cold yet kids were playing in the water all day long!!!!! I imagine I used to do the same thing when I was little, but it sure is hard to fathom now! I just love those sculptures in Golden!

  4. I love Plan B! As you said, Plan B is sometimes works much better than Plan A. I am so surprised that the water is still that high. Is this usual for this time fo the year because of snow melt or is the area just getting an unusual amount of rain? Those salmon are sure enjoying having a river to swim in:) I do believe the young are missing their ability to tell temperature!! They were tubing in June down the Big Thompson when we were in Estes Park for a day visit. Crazy!!

    How nice for Erin to have all the important women in her life join her for the fitting:) I can't want to see her on the big day!

    The black sky continues! Be safe!

    I do believe it is doggie photo time:)

  5. Love those days of finding treasure when you turn right instead of left! Makes my feet hurt just seeing David's feet in that water.......and of course the crazy kids are only focused on the fun (love it). Beautiful sculptures, really big fish!!

  6. You were where you were supposed to be and the fish picture is PRICELESS! I love that you little devils took off over the ropes and went wading! :)