Saturday, August 4, 2012


Huge.....we spent the afternoon at the Boeing plant near Everett, Washington (Mukilteo, to be exact), in the biggest free standing building in the country.  It covers 93 acres and houses assembly lines for 747's, 777's and the brand new 787 Dream Liner.  We weren't allowed to bring cameras into the bldg, so no pictures.  Its really too bad because I wish I could have shown you the enormous scale of the place, to see three 747's nose to tail, in various stages of assembly under one roof was unbelievable.

And to think, the last factory we were in made potato chips!!!!

This is the only picture I got outside the facility

 Jesse found a nice french restaurant for dinner after our tour.  Charles at Smuggler's Cove, right on Puget Sound.   What could be nicer than a good dinner outside overlooking the beautiful sound, with my two favorite men sitting across from me? Pretty nice.

my view of the sparkling water

Jesse, at last!

Another nice day.  Tomorrow Jesse and Dave will play golf and then we'll relax for the evening.  He'll stay with us in Beluga and on Sunday morning we'll all head south for the drag races - Yay!


  1. Have fun! hey, it's too bad you couldn't think of a way to get one into one of those 747's for a quick trip home!!! You've even got the pilot right with you! And I bet Lewis would love running up and down the aisles with ball in his mouth. With their speed, you might only need the loan for a day or so and then, right back to your good trip! Oh well, just a wandering/wondering mind.

  2. Jesse looks wonderful. It has been many, many years since I have seen him. I know how I feel when I am with my children so I can understand how wonderful this is for you and Dave. mary