Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, last day in Seattle

Jesse left Seattle today, and we took the Ferry into the city for one last time.  We'll miss our daily rides.

Dave's shadow on the water  is waving to you,,

Before I forget - Jack, we had dinner at Toulouse Petit last night.  It was as good as you said it would be.
Thanks for the recommendation.  That dinner made 5 stellar meals in a row in the city.  Can't beat that!

When we got off the Ferry we turned down (or is it up?) 1st street and headed toward Pike Street Public Market.  Time for a little tourist watching.  It was lunch time, so we were also on the lookout for some place good to have a quiet lunch.

this is a huge kinetic statue outside the Seattle Art Museum

we had a lovely, private lunch at Place Pigalle behind the Public Market.  we sat right by the window high above the  Sound.

fish, flower, vegetable, clothes and jewelry stalls line the market.

the "cherry girl".  she even has cherry tattoos!

Goodbye Seattle, we love you!

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  1. Whew ....what a city! Beautiful. Makes me want to visit real soon for some of those vegetables at the public market. The west coast is really spectacular ...(except for those little storms they have and earthquakes.) Life is so sweet and delicate ...enjoy today wherever you are and whatever you do.