Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cloudy Saturday

We woke up this morning to cloudy, misty skies.  Good bye hot sunny days I think.  The plan for today was to drive north to Port Townsend, see whats there, and then follow the Hood Canal south.  It isn't really a canal, in that it isn't man-made, its more a very long, curved  fjord.

We packed a lunch, loaded the dogs and headed out.  Our lunch spot was at Fort Worden State Park on the north side of Port Townsend, right on the shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.   We ate in the car, with the windows closed because it was very cold and very misty.  The view, however, became very interesting.  As we ate, a cloud blew in and completely engulfed us within a matter of minutes....

view out the windshield as we opened our sandwiches

We continued south on route 101, eventually following the Hood Canal.  The weather was still misty and cool, so I didn't take many pictures.   It was a good day for a ride.    We stopped at another State Park and walked to the beach.  It was stony and littered with fantastic chunks of driftwood, the water very cold and very clear.    I took pictures of the wood, but I'll save them til later when I have more.

Dinner tonight was to be pizza from wonderful Bella Luna in Suquamish.  As we approached the town we heard drums....closer in the parking was impossible, tents and people everywhere. We discovered that this weekend is Chief Seattle Days - a celebration of the Suquamish tribe's culture and tradition.  I was able to snag a parking spot while Dave was walking down to the restaurant.   We carried the box down to the water, following the drums and singing.  Goosebumps.....we came upon a Pow Wow, right on the shores of the Sound.
I could have kicked myself, I didn't have my camera!  We were mezmerized by the dancing, the singing, the chanting, the clothing, and most of all, the drums... How lucky were we to stumble upon this wonderful celebration!  Festivities will continue tomorrow, so we'll go over again, this time with the camera..

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