Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday, tired Dave!

Father and son on top of Spencer Butte

Our alarm rang for the first time in a very long while!  We had a tee time this morning and didn't want to be late.  The guys played a hard, up and down, 9 hole public course and I enjoyed the ride and the beautiful scenery.  The weather started out cloudy and quite cold, but the marine layer burned off and the sun shone brilliantly for the rest of the day.   After golf we had lunch at a local hamburger place that has just moved from its great old downtown location (Dickie Jo's Burgers) to a more suburban and brand new building.  The food was the same, but the ambiance was lost in the move.  We all had the best ever burgers, but the star of the show, at least for Jesse and I, were the french fries with truffle oil and parmesan with D.J.'s dipping sauce.  Mmmmm.   Dave had his fries the old fashioned way, malt vinegar, salt and plenty of Heinz.

Jess went back home and we did a bit of grocery shopping before getting back to Beluga and our patient pooches.  We rewarded their good nature with a nice walk and a bit of ball tossing for you know who.  We rewarded our good nature with two fabulous cookies.....

Cindy - this is the best EVER store bought cookie.  It has huge soft choc. chips, macadamia nuts and coconut and we can hardly keep our hands off them...  (doesn't this picture look funny?  -  looks like the cookie is stuck to the ceiling or something!)

Poor Dave was tuckered out after his strenuous climb last night and then the up hill and dale golf round this morning.   I sat outside and read awhile, and when I came in I found him sleeping soundly on the bed.
First real nap of the trip, and well deserved.

Hopefully we'll meet Jesse and Jonathan Bell for dinner tonight.  Jon is coming up from Davis, Ca.  for a quick visit with Jesse and we'd love to see him while he's here.  

I got word from Nikon that the camera is "in the shop" and is "being repaired".  Just get it back to me!  I'm not fond of trying to get pictures from my little phone onto this blog.   

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  1. oKAY, OKAY ...What's the name of the cookie? Can I get them in NY????