Wednesday, August 8, 2012

West of Seattle

Blue Sky RV Resort turned out to be nicer than we thought.  Our second site was quiet and peaceful and I appreciated the immaculate laundry facilities they provided for us.  Once again, we enjoyed an area that was never on our radar.

We pulled out this morning about 10:30 and drove south on Washington 18 to I-5, through Tacoma and north on Washington 16 to Washington 3 and finally a few miles on Washington 305 to our destination of Eagle Tree Campground in Poulsbo, Washington. The drive only took us about 2 hours, the entire trip under cool, gray skies.  Long pants time again... Dave wonders if summer is over.

bridges over the Tacoma Narrows.   Hi Cara!

I  had low expectations of this campground, fueled by reviews on line, but its location made me choose it anyway.  I think we have the only decent site in the whole place...Our side yard is just beautiful, as we step out of our door, we look into a beautiful, dark, ferny forest.  I won't talk about what is on our other side, or in front of us, but where it counts, we have a beautiful, private view.    This will work.  We are only 8 miles from the Bainbridge Island Ferry.  It runs regularly and will take us right into downtown Seattle in 30 relaxing minutes.    We'll check that out tomorrow.  Tonite we'll relax, watch the Olympics (although its all downhill for me after watching the Stadium Jumping this morning!) and get a good nights sleep.

Beluga from the forest path - our good side

view to the back of Beluga

into the woods, isn't it beautiful?


I wonder who lives here...

this downed, dead tree is incubating new life.  what a cool forest we have right outside our door!

I had a nice, long phone conversation with JoAnn today.  It was good to catch up.  I talked with Barb yesterday.  She finally arrived in Rochester after a long solo drive across the country.  I can't wait to see her when we finally get home next June.   It will be nice to have her in the same state again, its been too long.

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  1. What's with the toesies photo? Have a wonderful visit in Seattle....what fun! You guys are really having the tour of a lifetime. But June??? Do you have to remind me?? I keep telling myself you're just up the road! Just got news from Gary next door that they're selling the home.....