Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey!!!!  I got a picture from my phone!  Those are Dave's feet sitting in the McKenzie River this afternoon.
About as great as it gets, as far as we're concerned.  We took our beach chairs down to the river, right behind our campsite, and plopped them down in the water.  We sat in the sun, feet in cool water and talked about how lucky we are to be able to do this, right here, right now.  I hope the weather holds, because this is where we'll be every sunny afternoon for the next 11 days.

Back to the beginning of the day...Saturday is Farmer's Market in Eugene and its a not to be missed venue.  Except we opted to miss it today.  Seems it is  "Eugene Days" or something like that and it sounded like lots and lots of people, so we decided to try the Tuesday market instead.  You all know how I feel about lots of people.  Besides, it was nice to take it easy, sleep late, eat late, morning coffee/tea  in the sun, etc. Later  Dave installed the replacement tv and packed up the old one so we can send it back.  He emptied his old golf bag and refilled the new one that we bought yesterday.  When we take the tv to a UPS outlet, well  drop the old golf bag off at a Goodwill store, recycling, you know!   I made a lame attempt at a mani/pedi but lets not talk about it.

After sitting in the River til we were chilled, we ordered a pizza from Coburg Pizza Company, a few minutes up the road from our park.  We were delighted to find out that they also rent movies, so maybe tomorrow night we'll drive over and get something to watch.  Coburg is a  little town, about 1000 people, just north of Armitage County Park so we were happy to find this good pizza/movie joint while Jesse is busy.

I'm going to try and take a few more pictures with my phone, now that I remember how to get them to the blog.  I tracked the camera's progress today, and it was delivered to Nikon (California) yesterday, so I hope they get a new one out to me very soon.

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  1. AAAahhhh ....relaxation time. Bet you're appreciating these days of luxury. Enjoy.

    We're off to Canton. Talk soon.