Monday, August 13, 2012

The rest of the weekend

A little smiling to start the blog today.  Lewis smiles at Jesse.  Jesse smiles at Lewis.  Who can't use a good smile?

Sunday Dave and I took the Ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.  Jesse picked us up and drove us to the Pacific Science Center, where the King Tut exhibit was.  We had a bite of lunch then hung around in the
outdoor water courtyard.  (I'm sure it has a proper name, but I can't remember it)

We met Cara there, she took a bus from Tacoma just to spend time with us.  It was so good to see her.
big hug for Cara

Jesse enjoyed playing with the water powered machines

so did Dave!

Orca sculptures in the courtyard water

The bathrooms in the science center had all these cool murals on the walls!  I was fascinated by them, they were so funny that I took my camera back to photograph them.  Ladies looked at me oddly - I guess they didn't like the idea of a camera in the bathroom...... Oh, I get it, sorry.
We had tickets for 2 p.m.  The museum lets people into the exhibit in small groups.  The displays were set up in such a way that no matter what side of a statue or antiquity you were on, you could read about it and see all sides clearly.  The lighting was low, except for perfectly placed spots.  Quiet Egyptian music in the background, got a little louder with each successive room you traveled through.  All in all a very well put together exhibit until the very end.......

this is a side view of Ramses II  in the first room we entered.   He looked like a spaceman to me, complete with an air tank on his back, and a helmet on his head.  Doesn't it look like a hands-free communication device on the side of his "helmet"?   Sorry, my odd sense of humor coming out.

this is the only other picture I took because I realized that I was spending way too much time trying to get the  "perfect" shot, the right lighting, the picture with no one else in it, etc. that I wasn't really looking at the spectacular artifacts right in front of me.  I wasn't really taking it all in for what it was, only for what it might look like on the camera.  Turned it off and stowed it right then and there.   Jesse has some good pictures, I'll try to post some of them for you later.

As we walked out of the museum we realized that it was too early for dinner, so we walked along the city streets to the Olympic Sculpture Park built on an over pass.  By the time we were finished, we were all hot and tired and ready for dinner.

this wasn't part of the garden, but it caught my eye nonetheless.  these were steps leading up to the glass  Pavilion bldg. designed by I.M. Pei

this is the top of a metal tree in the sculpture garden, but the real birds didn't seem to mind!

Dave approaching Sandra Cintos' "Encounter of Waters" mural on the Pavilion Wall

the Brazilian artist used blue paint and a silver ink pen to create this huge, intricate wall.  It was exceptional piece for me, such detail...

the happy crew at a wonderful restaurant, La Spiga,  near Jesse's Seattle home

Dave's portrait of Cara Deblinger

another of Dave's pictures

guess who???
After a delightful dinner, Jesse drove Cara to her return bus and us to our return ferry.
view from our ride home

view over the railing as we approach Bainbridge Island. A very nice way to end a very nice day.


  1. Wow ...King Tut exhibit looked remarkable. What a neat place to visit and enjoy! Great views coming home calm.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful day!! It was truly an amazing experience to see the Kin Tut exhibit, and that dinner was to die for! It was so wonderful to catch up and to touch base!! Hope to see you again sooner than later <3 you guys