Thursday, August 2, 2012

One day closer to Jesse

Today was our 42nd wedding anniversary.  No bells and whistles, no fireworks, just another wonderful day together.  We talked about what we were each doing 42 years ago, awaiting the ceremony, the big party.  Were we nervous, what did we expect from the day, from our lives together.  We decided that neither of us ever thought specifically about what our life would be like.  How could we have known what a great ride it would be.  We don't need to do anything special on this day, its special because we have it together.

Enough, sorry, you'll have to excuse my emotions today....

what a beautiful drive on I-90

We arrived at the campground we had reserved weeks ago.  After seeing the site we were assigned to, we locked Beluga, loaded everyone into the jeep and took off looking for another campground.  Our original site was tiny, narrow and jammed in between two fifth wheels who had obviously been there quite a while.  There wasn't a foot available to sit outside.  After looking at number of other campgrounds, all filled, we decided to make the best of our original choice.  We shoehorned ourselves into site 9 and set up camp.  I just couldn't stand it.  When the office opened, I asked if there was anything else  available for our length of stay and they gave us one other choice.  It turned out to be a great site, and we moved over to # 38.  Wonderful Dave unhooked, closed everything up and cheerfully moved Beluga.  What a guy I have.
our second site at Blue Sky RV Park in Issaquah, Washington.  its a keeper
We're (I'm) happy now and am looking forward to our time here.  We talked with Jesse about the logistics of the next few days.  We have some good things planned and it will be great to see him again.

picture from our windshield

beautiful trees in our campground
Dave had a nice phone conversation with Jeanne and Fred today.  They talked about Fred's new purchase, but Dave forgot to mention something Fred...He didn't tell you that I had a beautiful, navy blue 1964 Nova SS with a factory 283 4 barrel and powerglide in 1969.   Jeanne, wipe that drool from Fred's lip, will you?


  1. A beautiful adventure for a beautiful couple (even if one won't let her picture get taken so we can see her lovely smile!) ...Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

  2. I remember the day well. I remember all your buttons!! You were (are ) beautiful. I have always looked up to your and Dave's marriage as a "special" relationship. Love and best friends. I remember when Jesse was expected, many emotions and I knew that you would be a loving and wonderful Mother. Happy Anniversary Sue and Dave Mary