Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snoqualmie falls

It was a dog day morning.  I put dinner in the crockpot and made a pan of brownies, Dave gave Beluga a good bath and Lewis and Sasha.....well they did what dogs do when there is nothing going on....they dozed all morning.

After lunch we drove just a few miles from our campground to see Snoqualmie Falls.   I wasn't prepared for it to be as high as it is....The cascade is over 250 feet and a beautiful park sits atop the opposite bank.  Today  there were lots of people braving the strong mist coming off the falls.

incredible roots from this western red cedar tree in the park
Jesse came for dinner around 7 p.m. and we had a good visit.  He left for home around 10 with the left over chicken and brownies.  We won't see him again until Thursday or Friday.

We leave Issaquah tomorrow and will drive south and then west to our next destination of Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, Washington.  It is almost directly west of downtown Seattle, but on the opposite side of Puget Sound.  We'll take the ferry when we want to spend time in the city next week.  Fun!

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  1. Absolutely adore those tree roots, Sue. What a cool picture ...and those falls are lovely. Very cooling and refreshing to look at in our delightfully hot summer weather.

    Today is the first day of Walnut Hill Driving competition. Driving my own horse this am and then off to see friends at the show! Have a good day!