Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday evening in Seattle

No, they're not praying.  They are enjoying what we call the "heat hole".   The nights are delightfully cool, great sleeping weather.  Mornings, not so much.  When we get up I close the windows and turn on the furnace to warm us up until the sun reaches Beluga.  Sasha and Dave are heat seeking missiles...when the furnace clicks on they both quietly migrate to one of the most accessible heat vents and hang out in the hot air til they are nice and warm.  When we were in Mexico with the two cats, we'd find them both squeezed between the chair and the cupboard, right where Sasha is.  That is where it is the hottest.

bus stop near our campground

This is the restaurant we had dinner at last night.  it is right across the street from where we ate with Cara the night before.  Lots of good restaurants in Jesse's neighborhood!   Dave and I thought Barrio was the best yet.

doorway view.  the little dots you see are all candles in a dividing wall

Street side view

Seattle buildings from the Ferry terminal
part of the skyline as we started pulling away
looking out the back of the Ferry

looking towards home

I wasn't trying to be I was taking this picture of Seattle's lights, the captain of the ferry threw it into reverse to slow us down for arrival at Bainbridge Island's terminal...this is what strong vibrations and a slow exposure to do a picture...   I like it!

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  1. Hmnn...dinner out? Seattle??!!! Sounds like such fun. Cute pix of Dave and Sasha....I thought he was doing a yoga pose to stretch his back.