Saturday, August 11, 2012


an uninvited, but welcome lunch guest at Bella Luna Pizzeria

gotta get that lactaid pill out before the pizza.  get a load of that "umbrella" in the background!

We're having a ball exploring all the bays and inlets and ports and passages and
passes and straits and sounds here.  So much water.  Today we stopped at a little pizza place on the Port Madison Indian Reservation in a "town" called Squamish right on the edge of Port Madison in the Puget Sound.  Probably the best pizza slices we've had in a very very long time.  What we thought was a huge umbrella over the outdoor seating area turned out to be a creatively pruned birch tree!

Jesse had a wonderful hike up Mt. Ranier today.  I can't wait to see his pictures. As the day progressed we all decided it was going to be too much rushing to meet for dinner tonight, so Jesse took an easy ride back home and, I suspect, an early bedtime, and we went into Poulsbo for dinner and a walk along the water. We sat outside at MorMor Bistro and enjoyed a nice dinner (Dave had Norwegian Meatballs!)   We thought of Richard and Tommy as we watched a man in the outdoor restaurant next to us with his  Jack Russell.   The dog was quietly sitting next to the man and his wife while they ate.  The next time we glanced over, the dog was calmly laying upside down on the man's lap as he continued to eat his dinner.   The little guy looked like he assumed that position  on a regular basis.  No one else in the restaurant even blinked an eye!

a real, old fashioned bakery!   Mmmmm, our freezer is now full of cookies for the road.

a pod of newbies, learning to sail on Liberty Bay

see the chocolate store doorway?    Yep, you guessed it -  we walked through it today while we were walking around the Norwegian  town of Poulsbo.

unusual flower pots line the streets

We were going to play golf tomorrow afternoon, but I think we all  need to just sit still a bit and visit with each other.  We've all been going at top speed for quite awhile.  Its hard to resist seeing and doing everything  Perhaps tomorrow (Saturday) will be a day for visiting the farmer's market, walking in the woods and sitting outside talking.  We'll have dinner at another interesting looking restaurant in Poulsbo in the evening but I don't know whether the Street Dance that is touted on banners will be a good thing, or a bad thing.   Stay tuned.

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  1. fascinating flowers in the pots ...I love that kind of creativity! Nice for you all to just sit and visit. You're retired...remember? there's no rush, rush, rush. Calmness.

    hope you can post some of Jesse's pix ...or maybe I'll have to go over to his FB page. Isn't life wonderful?