Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday - scary Monday

Monday morning, laundry day back when, right?   Well, there are no laundry facilities here, so we'll have to find something, somewhere soon or our basket will overflow.

 After our sunny, hot, second cup this morning (and a good visit with Alex) we called to get our prescriptions refilled, called to order a mail delivery, and called a local veterinary clinic to make an appointment for Lewis.....

Last night Dave found a round, flat, black,  encapsulated lump on Lewis' bottom line, last rib area.  Our hearts were in our mouths all evening and today until the vet appointment.  After having gone through a long and emotional Malignant Melanoma journey with sweet Miss Rose, we were extremely gun shy.  We could hardly sleep, thoughts of losing our wonderful boy woke us frequently.....We clipped him just three weeks ago and it wasn't there then, I groomed him just a few days ago and noticed nothing, we have our hands on him always and no bump.....

Dr. Bashaw thoroughly examined Lewis, palpated the lump, took a tissue sample and - long story short - declared the lump to be a Histiocytoma, a common benign tumor of young dogs.  It most often resolves itself, a self-cure.  We received some ointment to use twice a day and instructions to call back in 3 or 4 weeks if the spot has not significantly shrunk.  Removal will be indicated at that point.  I'm pleased with the care taken with Lewis at the El Dorado Animal Hospital in Fountain Hills and we'll keep everything crossed that the d amn lump goes away on its own.   Whew.

We shared a margarita toast to  Lewis' health  at sunset tonight.  He enjoyed happy hour by focusing his total attention on the doves bathing at our "spa".   Sasha stretched out in the shade, half in the water dish, half in the dirt, oblivious to all the world.

We're emotionally wrung out, nightie night.


  1. Gorgeous photos.

    So glad to read the news about Lewis.

    We are friends of Pam and John. Enjoy your time with two great people.

  2. SO very glad you received good news about Lewis. I can only imagine how worried you were. This is exactly why after our last cat I said no more animals. I just can't handle when something is wrong. You definitely deserved that margarita!!

    Great desert shots!

  3. Whew ...glad to hear your boy is okay. Mom just loved the burro pictures this morning! Thanks for sharing those ...

    All's well here in NY ..and NZ too!

  4. So glad to hear Lewis is okay. Having pets can be emotionally difficult, but so emotionally fulfilling.