Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today was a hazy, lazy day.  The Tucson weatherman (we only get Tucson TV channels even though we're in Phoenix - go figure) said that today was the last nice one for a week, so we had full well planned on taking a hike in the desert.  Well......this morning turned into this afternoon and we didn't do anything more than a little dog maintenance, vacuuming, reading and visiting.

We met a fellow blogger and neighbor here at McDowell Mtn. Park.  Rick stopped by this afternoon on Pam's suggestion and we had a very enjoyable visit.  He and his wife, JoAnn are almost full timers, they spend a few months of the year at their home in Colorado and the rest of the time on the road.     Its fun meeting and chatting with new people on similar paths.

Alex stopped by to share our sunset cocktail hour (he brought his own!) and we sat outside and solved the countries problems until it it got way cold and we went our separate ways.

Tomorrow we meet Linda and Dave G. at the Country Club at DC Ranch for dinner.  Can't wait to see them again.

hazy morning view


  1. Glad you met Rick and Joanne. I haven't met them yet, we just email!

    Some days just get away from us...oh, to be retired!! The good life!

  2. What a lovely photo of the mountains.

    We really enjoy meeting up with other bloggers and RVers in general. They are always so nice.

  3. It was great meeting you both - and Lewis and Sasha. As we discussed - I don't get any TV reception. So, Tucson would be fine with me!

  4. Yup....loved that pix of the mountains. Interesting colors and definitions.

    Our Valley here is now white ...rained awhile today but now snow. Bizzard warnings got downgraded to advisory (once many of the schools closed and evening activities were cancelled. Only a few inches predicted now.

    I love those nice, quiet days that kind of stretch out before you and then are gently over...very relaxing.