Friday, February 22, 2013


Today's bird feeder update  -  Gila Woodpecker, Gilded Flicker and Lesser Goldfinches.

Mr. Gila Woodpecker drinking the Hummingbird's breakfast

Gilded Flicker using his tail to hold on 
Friday is Farmer's Market day in Mesa, so that is where we headed this morning, after second cup.
All I can say about the Mesa Farmer's Market is that I guess we've been spoiled by San Diego's markets and especially by Eugene's fabulous Saturday Market......

After a very quick walk through the Mesa Market, we pointed the jeep towards Apache Junction to get our mail delivery.   On the way we stopped at our new favorite grocery store, AJ's Fine Foods, for a nice lunch outside in the warm sun.     Yay!   The mail arrived so we were free to start up through the Superstition Mountains on the Apache Trail.

yesterday's snow has almost completely melted but the mountains are just as beautiful

shades of green

 It was fairly late in the day by this point, so we only drove the paved section as far as Canyon Lake.   It was another jiggy road for Dave....but not too scary for me.   After Canyon Lake the road becomes dirt and gravel and after the last few days of snow and rain Dave wasn't too crazy about trying it this late in the day.

can you see the two story tour boat in the center of this picture?
it gives you some idea of how high the cliffs surrounding the lake are

lots of riders out today

an errant shot by Chief Thunderthud perhaps?

another beautiful end to a very pleasant day


  1. Beautiful views! It doesn't seem to matter where you drive out west, there is always an amazing view with mountains in the background.

    Love the little resource fellow using his tail to hold on.

  2. It is amazing to see the greenery of the desert in the spring ...lovely shades.

  3. We were at all those markets also. We loved Eugene's. First time we saw hippies in a long time....hehe