Sunday, February 10, 2013


More snow on the mountains in front of us this  Sunday morning

Saturday we drove into Fountain Hills in search of our brand of dog food.  Not every store carries it but I'd identified one that had some in stock, so off we went.  Deed done, we walked across the plaza's parking lot towards an interesting looking pizza place.  Look what we passed....

A huge "statue" made entirely of found items.   I'll post more pictures of this cool guy later because I'm not happy with the quality of my photos and it was just too cool to not show you detail.

At any rate, we bought a few slices of pizza and took them to the lake and fountain in the center of town.  I enjoy having pleasant surroundings when I'm eating out and the pizza parlor was tiny and filled with HUGE TV's broadcasting basketball - not my cup of tea.

Ah, this is better, even though we were off schedule for the fountain, it was lovely sitting in the sun, best friend by my side, eating yummy pizza and looking at the calm lake and mountains beyond.

Hit the grocery store, the post office and then made our way back to get cleaned up for our afternoon visit with Dave's cousin Kathi and her husband Jeff in their new home.

The entrance to our park was a beehive of activity, human and vehicular.  The huge Spartan Race was being held at the competitive track here and the road was lined with enthusiastic, fit, folks of all sizes and ages waiting to get into the venue and wet, muddy, exhausted looking folks wearing t-shirts boasting "I finished!" waiting for the shuttle buses to arrive so they could finally go home.    As we drove by (sheriff's on the side of the road, wouldn't let us stop and gawk) I could only see a few of the obstacles - the muddy, slippery "coop" above and thick ropes attached to two overseas shipping containers stacked on each other making a high climbing obstacle.   Interesting.

When we returned to Beluga, I spotted Glinda, the Good Witch of the South bring my hummingbird feeder back from Oz

Later we drove into Scottsdale and visited with Kathi and Jeff, got the new house tour, (including a tour of their new 5th wheel toy hauler RV),played with their two cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and then went to to a local joint for wonderful burgers and beer.  It was great to see them again and catch up on their lives.

Kathi and Jeff
Oscar and Bentley  are unaware of the danger lurking behind them


  1. The horse statue is really cool. How do people come up with these ideas?

    Awesome mountain shots.

  2. awesome statue!!! Can you post it on your FB page so I can share with my Fb page? My horse friends would adore it! Can you bring it home to us? We could put it on a dolly and share it between our homes...or better yet, we could set it up in the middle at the unoccupied house! Very cool.

  3. Glad "Glinda" found the bird feeder. Lucky it didn't travel further!

    Aren't those mountains beautiful after the snow...and there is no snow around you!

    Looking forward to more pictures of the horse. Very clever!