Sunday, February 17, 2013


I'm writing this on a beautiful, sunny, warm Sunday afternoon.  Yesterday we left Beluga at about 10 a.m. and didn't return until 6 ish.   It was a long, very enjoyable day golfing with Linda and Dave at their club in DC Ranch.   Nina and Paul were wonderful enough to come over and let Lew and Sasha out and even brought Polly along for a romp session.  Without their help, we both would not have been able to go,  and I would have missed a great day - Thanks guys.

And so it begins......

Once again, I took way too many pictures and Dave admonished me not to put so many on today's blog, but you be the judge if I listened.....These first few are the shots I saw and wanted to photograph.....

                                                                           The Homes
Linda putting in front of one of the wonderful homes lining the course


                                                                            The Cactus
a new arm just beginning


I wonder how many more hits this guy will be able to take

this guy looked like he was hiding under a Palo Verde tree - from the blazing sun, or....from the golf balls?
                                                                              The wildlife
body ever so still, eye watching me move around him

I was dive bombed by Hummingbirds coming back and forth from this  nest next to the cart path

Now, the pictures Dave likes, about the golf course itself.   He said it was hard and long and really fun.    The greens were lightning fast, and very hard to read.  We were treated like royalty at the club, all in all a wonderful day.   Thanks Linda and Dave.

Dave wonders if he can keep up with these two!

golf course or beach?

meteor craters or sand traps?

three holes wound up into the mountains and  had extreme elevation changes...

one of the elevated tees - the green is way below and to the left

I made Dave drive down this part of the cart path!  You can just see Dave and Linda's cart below on the right.
Spectacular vistas!

our gracious hosts, Dave and Linda

what can I say.....

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  1. All were wonderful pictures! It really gave me a sense of what could possibly be so much fun that you'd miss a blog post!!! Sounds like a great day (except for that poor saguaro with all those balls in it...who'd have thought it possible and why can't those guys all get the Hole in One!)

    I've never seen a hummer nest ...very large!

    Sounds like every day is pretty good over there! Glad to see you're enjoying life! you both deserve it!