Thursday, September 5, 2013

A pleasant evening and....a warning

Since Dave's hand is still out of commission, we've just been doing little jobs that require brain power instead of brawn.   That gets tiring after awhile, so we steal away for rides and relaxation.  

This afternoon we drove about 30 minutes to Silver Lake, one of the "little" Finger Lakes in Western New York.    Dave spent a good deal of his youth at his uncle's cottage there so we took a ride along its shores to see how it has changed.   The answer is - not much!   The lake is small and the cottages surrounding it are mostly small and old.   Some have been lovingly maintained and some have not.

sweet boat houses march along the shoreline

On the east side of the lake is a great restaurant and drive in movie theater.   The Charcoal Corral has everything a family could want for a fun summer outing.   A hot dog/hamburger restaurant with home made root beer, a pretty decent pizza shop and an old fashioned ice cream parlor serving my personal favorite ice cream - Perry's.  Next to the restaurant is an extensive miniature golf course, and behind it is a twin screen, first run drive in movie.  

Thursday night is "Cruise Night" at the Charcoal Corral, so after we ate our delicious, albeit sinful, dinner we walked around among the local hot rods.   It wasn't much of a show, but considering this is a very small town and it was very cold and windy, not a bad turn out.  Everyone was proud of their entry.

This one, however, was something very special.
1962 completely original fuel injected corvette - Dave guessed it is worth 6 figures...

We spent many hours at drive ins  in our youth (no comments please), but we didn't stay to see tonight's feature, "Planes".    Maybe next week.


Do not use full strength Dawn dishwashing liquid to spot clean a wood table.

I did and it completely lifted the finish off the area,,,nice.   Not a good look for my kitchen table.


  1. What a beautiful area. Love the little boat house.

    I loved to go to the drive in...I will make no comment if you make no

    Oh my gosh. I never thought Dawn would do that to wood. It sure does clean my dishes.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kitchen table ....I imagine Dave will put on yet again another hat and become "David's Woodworking and Refinishing Shop" ....that is, as soon as that hand heals.

    Love, love, love Charcoal Corral!

  3. Very nice day for the two of you. Glad Dave is listening and not using his hand. But I agree with Cindy, Mr. Dave's Refinishing shop will need to pay visit soon!

    It sure did look cold at the car show. I noticed the jackets and hoods right away. It has been almost perfect weather here for the last three days. Today it is 70 with a dew point of 40...almost like the west!